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Allotment Charges                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Please be advised that with effect from the 01/04/2024 the rent on all allotments will be:
48p per square metre, with an additional charge of 12p per square metre for water charges. 
Concessionary rates on allotments will no longer apply.

Any plot holder wishing to explore downsizing to a smaller plot or considering giving up their allotment should notify St Helens Borough Council - Open Spaces Department via email (

With an allotment comes fresh air, home-grown produce, a healthy lifestyle and a social community of people with similar interests. There are 15 allotment sites across the borough.

All our allotment sites have waiting lists. You can go on up to three waiting lists of your choice, but you are only entitled to one plot.

  • Applicants must be residents of St Helens Borough Council 
  • Applicants must be 18 or over

Council-managed allotment sites

If you are interested in one of the listed allotments, you can apply online or call 01744 676789 for our Contact Centre

  • Ashtons Green Community Allotment, Moorfoot Road, Parr WA9 2DE - both horticultural plots and poultry plots
  • Bertram Street Allotment, Newton-le-Willows - horticultural plots
  • Cabbage Hall Allotment, Hard Lane, Windle - horticultural plots
  • Eccleston Old Lane Allotment, Hazel Grove, St Helens - both horticultural plots and poultry plots
  • Havannah Lane Allotment, Winter Grove, Parr - horticultural plots
  • Kentmere Avenue Allotment, Carr Mill - horticultural plots
  • Mesnes Park Allotment, Sanderling Road, Newton-le-Willows - horticultural plots
  • Milton Street Allotment, Sutton Manor - horticultural plots
  • Nutgrove Allotment, Scholes Lane, Thatto Heath - horticultural plots
  • Parr Depot Allotment, Bedford Street, Parr - horticultural plots
  • Recreation Street Allotment, Parr - horticultural plots

The allotments are in green on the map, the yellow ones are the self managed sites 

How do I apply for an allotment?

You can apply online or telephone our Contact Centre on 01744 676789.

We must notify you that we have a high demand for allotments with over 700 applicants on the waiting list currently.

Please note: When applications are placed on the waiting list - acknowledgement of your application will be sent to you (please note: this is not an automated service).

Apply for an allotment 

How much is the allotment rent?

As of 1 April 2024, the rent for a plot on a council-managed site is £0.48 per square metre.

Water rates will be charged at an additional £0.12p per square metre.

Plots vary in size; an average half plot 125 and full plot is 250 square metres..

Additional fees

There will be a one-off charge of £110 for you to enter into a Legal tenancy agreement with the council. This includes officer sites visits with new tenants, preparation of tenancy agreement and support.

Keys are available for a £20 deposit, refundable on the production of a receipt.


Self-managed allotment sites

If you are interested in a self-managed allotment, you will need to contact the site secretary. Please see below information 

  • Harlow Allotment, Harlow Close, Thatto Heath - horticultural plots : Secretary :  Jeff Polding Tel : 07908 849 606 Email :
  • Rainford Allotment, Bushey Lane, Rainford - horticultural plots : Secretary : Brenda Godwin Email :
  • Rob Lane Allotment, Newton-le-Willows - horticultural plots : Secretary : Harry Whitfield Tel : 01744 600951 Email :
  • Walkers Lane, St Helens - Horticultural Plots - Secretary : Philip Howell Tel : 07900581824 Email : 

These sites are in yellow on the map, the rest are St Helens Council