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Information if you're new to the borough

Waste left out for collection must be contained in the bin or recycling container provided. Fixed penalty notices can be served if waste is deposited or fly-tipped without due care, or when a householder fails to secure their bin after their collection. 

  • Each household is entitled to one 240-litre brown wheelie bin as per policy. This is collected fortnightly.
  • We also collect recycling containers including a black box, blue bag, pink/white bag and food caddy weekly.
  • We charge for the collection of garden waste. This is collected fortnightly. There will be a charge of £40 for collections between 6 March 2023 and 8 December 2023. If you choose not to subscribe, your garden waste will no longer be collected.

Subscribe to the garden waste collection service

New or replacement bins and containers can be ordered online or by calling 01744 676789. Please allow up to three weeks for the delivery of your wheelie bin. Recycling containers are free of charge; however, there is a delivery and administration charge of £32 for new or replacement brown or green bins. 

Order a bin & recycling containers

On your collection day:

Check your collection day

  • Please place your containers on the kerbside or at your collection point for 6:30am.
  • Waste should be placed inside the bin with the lid closed. We will not collect bags of side waste and this will be treated as fly-tipping. 
  • Take your bins and containers back into your property as soon as possible after collection. This will prevent them from being stolen, vandalised or set alight.
  • Please ensure the correct materials are inside each container - find out what goes in what bin.

If we are unable to gain access or experience any transport difficulties, we will try to return the same day. Where this is not possible, we will collect the following day. Check our collection updates.

New homeowners

It is the responsibility of all new homeowners to order their own household waste bin and order any recycling containers. 

Property developers

All new residential developments in St Helens must be provided to the satisfaction of the council with adequate provision for the storage, collection and management of its waste and recycling needs.

Property developers must provide residual (household) waste bins for all new multi-occupancy properties.