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Arranging a cremation


When arranging a cremation in St Helens you will need to contact a funeral director.

They will make the process as easy as possible for you and will liaise directly with the Bereavement Services team.

There are two types of cremation service held at the chapel:

  • Full - this is where the whole service is at the crematorium instead of a service being held at a church/place of worship.
  • Committal - this is a short service to commit the deceased for cremation, usually held after a service in a church/place of worship.

If a self-arranged funeral service is required, please contact the Bereavement Services team for guidance on what forms of paperwork are necessary.

Where to find us

St Helens Crematorium
Rainford Road
St Helens
WA10 6DF

Telephone: 01744 677101


Fees and charges

For our full list of fees and charges relating to Cemetery and Crematorium services please check our latest price lists.

The fees are reviewed annually and run from 1st April to 31st March each year. 

Children's funerals

Baby funerals

If your baby was born or stillborn in a hospital, there will be staff there who can help and advise you with funeral arrangements. Often, the hospital will be able to recommend a funeral director to organise a baby funeral, but you can always make the arrangements with a funeral director of your choice or directly with us.


If the parents are residents of St Helens, there is no cremation fee for a child under the age of 16.

The cremated remains will be available for collection one working day after the cremation.

After the cremation, many options are available to you. These include taking the remains home with you, scattering them in the Memorial Garden or in our Garden of Remembrance (at St Helens or Newton-le-Willows Cemetery) or burying the remains into a grave.

For more information, please contact the St Helens Cemetery officer on 01744 677406.


Memorial heart keepsakes
Jewellery Samples

If you are interested in any of our memorial options, please find application forms and price lists below.

If you want to discuss your options further, please contact the cemetery and crematorium office on 01744 677406.

Please return application forms to:

St Helens Cemetery and Crematorium Office
Rainford Road
St Helens
WA10 6DF

or by email to

Memorial keepsakes

Blue butterflies heart
Blue sun and moon heart
Multi colour heart
Pink silver rose heart
Red heart
White marble heart

We have a section of small keepsake hearts and urns to keep a small token of a loved one's cremated remains or hair. We can also provide details of larger urns and other keepsakes if required. 


We offer a stunning range of discreet memorial jewellery in sterling silver, silver with gold accent and rose gold, with a choice of black silken cord or chain. Each piece can hold a token of cremated remains, which we can inter for you. 

Baby Necklace
Gold Necklace
Heart charm
Silver heart necklace
Square cufflinks


Book of Remembrance

Book of Remembrance View
Book of Remembrance page

You can arrange a Book of Remembrance entry to provide a long lasting record and memorial of loved ones who have either been cremated or buried. The books are placed in either St Helens Chapel of Remembrance or Newton Cemetery Chapel. 

Memorial plaques

Memorial Plaque

Memorial plaques are available in the Memorial Garden at St Helens Crematorium. The memorial plaques are a lasting form of memorial to a loved one. The plaques are manufactured from bronze-coloured, powder-coated aluminium and are face-engraved with lettering filled white. A range of emblems are available which may serve to enhance the chosen inscription. They are then securely fitted into the wall-mounted frame.

The plaques will be placed in the frame two to four weeks from order; they are on a 10-year lease, which is then renewable.

Details of prices, advice and application forms are available from the Crematorium Office.

Memorial seats

Memorial bench

Memorial seats are available for lease with St Helens and Newton-le-Willows cemeteries. The high-quality hardwood seat is supplied with a bronze plaque.

Up to two additional plaques may be purchased at an additional cost.

Memorial trees

Memorial tree

Memorial trees are available for lease within St Helens Cemetery and Crematorium grounds. The type of tree and location is subject to availability at the time of application. A bronze plaque is supplied and placed at the base of the tree.

Up to two additional plaques may be purchased at an additional cost.

Miniature Books and Memorials Cards

Miniature books and memorial cards are also available, which are particularly suitable for sending to relatives and friends or as a keepsake for loved ones. Inside the books/cards will be a handwritten copy of the entry placed in the Book of Remembrance.

The miniature books have a black hardback cover with a gold cross design on the front cover. There are blank pages inside the book that allow for further inscriptions as and when required. The books are sent directly to the applicant and are delivered in a presentation box.

The memorial cards have a white front cover with an embossed flower and embossed words 'In Memory' under the flower. Inside the card on the front sheet are the words 'And so shall we keep them in remembrance'. The inscription is then handwritten on the following page. The cards are in a clear Perspex wallet and sent in an envelope directly to the applicant.

Copies of the book and cards are available to view at the Crematorium Office.

Memorial tablets

Memorial tablet

Memorial tablets are located on towers in the Garden of Remembrance at St Helens Crematorium and Newton-le-Willows Cemetery.

The tablets are made of granite with inscriptions inlaid with gold leaf and are available on a 10-year renewable lease basis.

The lease, allowing a tablet, expires on the 10th anniversary of the date it was issued.

A reminder notice is sent to the last address of the leaseholder one month before the expiry date.

Sanctum 12


Sanctum 12 is a stand-alone columbarium made from polished grey granite. Each vault will hold two caskets of cremated remains. The front cover of the vault is blue pearl granite, inscribed with a silver inscription and can also include a design of your choice or photo plaque. A small vase may be attached to the tablet for an additional cost.

Sanctum 2000


Sanctum 2000 is situated within a curved circle feature. Each vault will hold two caskets of cremated remains. The front cover of the vault is blue pearl granite, inscribed with a silver inscription and can also include a design of your choice or photo plaque. There is a flower vase incorporated at the base of each vault.

Memorial scatter tubes, caskets and urns

Standard cremated remains casket
Scatter tubes
Saints cremated remains casket

We have a collection of wooden caskets available for the burial of cremated remains. We also have other options available, such as decorative scatter tubes, and can procure decorative urns if required. 

A variety of keepsakes, jewellery, urns and casket options are available on display at the crematorium office. Please call into the office for further information.

Memorial headstones

If you would like to apply for a memorial headstone, please contact a stonemason. A list of current approved masons is listed below. You can also go to other masons not on the list; please ask them to contact the office on 01744 677406 to discuss how to become a registered mason.

Book of Remembrance

A Book of Remembrance is available to provide a lasting record and memorial to loved ones who have either been cremated or buried.

Book of Remembrance View
Book of Remembrance page

The books are placed in either St Helens Chapel of Remembrance or Newton-le-Willows Chapel of Remembrance (your choice of chapel should be indicated on your application).

The book is handmade throughout and is bound with the finest materials, offering the same degree of permanence and artistic excellence as the best examples of medieval illuminated manuscripts. A page is provided for each day of the year and the book will remain open at the appropriate page so that inscriptions may be seen on the anniversary of the date, for many years until the book is full; after which, it will always be preserved and available for reference.

Relatives and friends may have memorial inscriptions written in the Book of Remembrance under either the date of death or a date of your choice.

Such inscriptions should comprise two, five or eight lines, the first line being name only and others for the date and wording of your choice.

A range of emblems are available with three to eight line entries, which may serve to enhance your chosen inscription.

No more than 33 letters or figures are allowed per line.

Advice and assistance is available from the Bereavement Service Team at the Cemetery and Crematorium Office.

Cremation plot memorials - Sanctum 2000

Cremation plots are miniature graves located at St Helens and Newton-le-Willows Cemeteries.

Headstones and other permanent memorials may, on application to the Council, be fixed on the foundation provided.

A stonemason may advise you regarding your particular requirements and make any formal application to fix on your behalf.

For more information about purchasing a cremation plot, please see Purchasing a Grave.

Memorial fees

Current fees for our memorial options are as follows:

Memorial Fees
Memorial TypeLease PeriodCostExtras
Memorial Plaque10 years - renewablePlease enquire 
Memorial Seat - Third Share10 years£381.00 
Memorial Seat - Full Share10 years£938.00 
Memorial Tree10 years£548.00Extra plaque £98.00
Minature books and Memorial cards Please enquire 
Book of Remembrance Please enquire 
Memorial Tablet10 years - renewablePlease enquire 
Sanctum 1210 years£662.00Flower container £28.00
Sanctum 1220 years£994.00Flower container £28.00
Sanctum 200010 years£884.00 
Sanctum 200020 years£1325.00 


Apply for a memorial

Please select, download, complete and submit your application for your loved one's memorial to the Bereavement team

Application for a Memorial Plaque (PDF) [13KB]

Application for a Memorial Tree (PDF) [82KB]

Application for a Book of Remembrance Entry (PDF) [60KB]

Application for a Miniature Book or Cards (PDF) [60KB]

Application for a Memorial Tablet (PDF) [14KB]

Application for a Sanctum 12 (PDF) [84KB]

Application for a Sanctum 2000 (PDF) [85KB]

Cremation plot memorials sanctum 2000 - please contact the Bereavement Services Team

Memorial Jewellery, Keepsakes, Urns and Caskets - please contact the Bereavement Services Team

Telephone: 01744 677101


Applications, guidance and maps