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Hearing statements, agendas and action points

Matter 1

Matter 2

Matter 3

Spatial Strategy and Strategic Policies

Matter 3 Action Points (PDF) [110KB]
Matter 3 Agenda (PDF) [144KB]


M3.01 - St Helens Borough Council (PDF) [277KB]
M3.02 - Taylor Wimpey UK Ltd (PDF) [293KB]
M3.03 - Wainhomes (PDF) [216KB]
M3.04 - Home Builders Federation (PDF) [158KB]
M3.05 - Redrow Homes NW (PDF) [544KB]
M3.06 - Steve Muskett (PDF) [816KB]  
M3.07 - Persimmon Homes NW (PDF) [525KB]  
M3.08 - Church Commissioners for England (PDF) [214KB]
M3.09 - Eccleston Homes (PDF) [490KB]
M3.10 - Homes England (PDF) [120KB]
M3.11 - Jones Homes (North West) Ltd (PDF) [172KB]
M3.12 - Redrow Homes Ltd (PDF) [128KB]
M3.13 - Story Homes (PDF) [333KB]
M3.14 - Barratt Homes (PDF) [2MB]
M3.15 - Andrew Cotton (PDF) [196KB]
M3.16 - Omega St. Helens Ltd (PDF) [164KB]
M3.17 - Mr A Jones (PDF) [598KB]
M3.18 - Lovell Partnership Ltd (PDF) [831KB]
M3.18A - Lovell Partnership Ltd (PDF) [121KB]
M3.19 - Tritax Symmetry (PDF) [357KB]
M3.20 - Not Allocated
M3.21 - Wallace Land Investments (PDF) [752KB]
M3.22 - Parkside Regeneration LLP (PDF) [6MB]
M3.23 - Miller Homes (PDF) [199KB]
M3.24 - Peel L&P (PDF) [641KB]
M3.25 - 1953 Murphy Group (PDF) [2MB]
M3.25A - 1953 Murphy Group Appendix 1 (PDF) [133KB]
M3.25B - 1953 Murphy Group Appendix 2 (PDF) [1MB]
M3.25C - 1953 Murphy Group Appendix 3 (PDF) [1MB]
M3.25Di - 1953 Murphy Group - Appendix 4 Part 1 (PDF) [6MB]
M3.25Dii - 1953 Murphy Group - Appendix 4 Part 2 (PDF) [7MB]
M3.25Diii - 1953 Murphy Group - Appendix 4 Part 3 (PDF) [7MB]
M3.25E - 1953 Murphy Group - Appendix 5 (PDF) [1MB]
M3.25F - 1953 Murphy Group - Appendix 6 (PDF) [539KB]
M3.25G - 1953 Murphy Group - Appendix 7 (PDF) [133KB]
M3.25H - 1953 Murphy Group - Appendix 8 (PDF) [127KB]
M3.26 - CPRE (PDF) [210KB]

Matter 4 Session 4

Allocations, Safeguarded Land and Green Belt Boundaries Bold, Eccleston, Sutton Manor, Thatto Heath and St Helens Core Area

Matter 4 Session 4 Action Points (PDF) [124KB]
Matter 4 Session 4 Agenda (PDF) [146KB]


M4.4.01 St Helens Borough Council (PDF) [373KB]
M4.4.02 Bold & Clock Action Group (PDF) [120KB]
M4.4.02A Bold & Clock Action Group Appendix 1 (PDF) [89KB]
M4.4.02B Bold & Clock Action Group Appendix 2 (PDF) [101KB]
M4.4.02C Bold & Clock Action Group Appendix 3 (PDF) [1002KB]
M4.4.02D Bold & Clock Action Group Appendix 4 (PDF) [1MB]
M4.4.03 ECRA (PDF) [309KB]
M4.4.04 Peel L&P (PDF) [560KB]
M4.4.05 Homes England (PDF) [250KB]
M4.4.06 Omega St. Helens Ltd (PDF) [1MB]
M4.4.07 Mr A Brown Mulbury (Warrington) Ltd (PDF) [6MB]
M4.4.08 Nicholas Cliffe (PDF) [88KB]
M4.4.09 Andrew Cotton (PDF) [6MB]
M4.4.10 Taylor Wimpey UK Ltd (PDF) [209KB]
M4.4.11 Mr A Jones (PDF) [748KB]
M4.4.12 Story Homes (PDF) [3MB]
M4.4.13 CPRE (PDF) [346KB]
M4.4.14 Tritax Symmetry (PDF) [5MB]
M4.4.15 Redrow Homes (NW) & Wallace Land Investments (PDF) [396KB]
M4.4.15A Redrow Homes (NW) & Wallace Land Investments Appendix 1 (PDF) [1MB]
M4.4.15B Redrow Homes (NW) & Wallace Land Investments Appendix 2 (PDF) [1MB]
M4.4.15Ci Redrow Homes (NW) & Wallace Land Investments Appendix 3 Part 1 (PDF) [5MB]
M4.4.15Cii Redrow Homes (NW) & Wallace Land Investments Appendix 3 Part 2 (PDF) [5MB]
M4.4.15Di Redrow Homes (NW) & Wallace Land Investments Appendix 4 Part 1 (PDF) [3MB]
M4.4.15Dii Redrow Homes (NW) & Wallace Land Investments Appendix 4 Part 2 (PDF) [1MB]
M4.4.15E Redrow Homes (NW) & Wallace Land Investments Appendix 5 (PDF) [222KB]
M4.4.16i Lovell Partnership Ltd Part 1 (PDF) [11MB]
M4.4.16ii Lovell Partnership Ltd Part 2 (PDF) [3MB]
M4.4.16iii Lovell Partnership Ltd Part 3 (PDF) [9MB]
M4.4.16iv Lovell Partnership Ltd Part 4 (PDF) [195KB]
M4.4.17 John Fairclough STHGB (PDF) [138KB]
M4.4.17A John Fairclough STHGB Appendix 1 (PDF) [116KB]
M4.4.17B John Fairclough STHGB Appendix 2 (PDF) [2MB]  
M4.4.17C John Fairclough STHGB Appendix 3 (PDF) [1MB]
M4.4.17D John Fairclough STHGB Appendix 4 (PDF) [1MB]
M4.4.17E John Fairclough STHGB Appendix 5 (PDF) [618KB]
M4.4.17F John Fairclough STHGB Appendix 6 (PDF) [828KB]
M4.4.18 Bold Parish Council (PDF) [166KB]

Matter 4 Session 5

Allocations, Safeguarded Land and Green Belt Boundaries - Rainford, Billinge, Garswood and Haydock

Matter 4 Session 5 Action Points (PDF) [108KB]
Matter 4 Session 5 Agenda (PDF) [132KB]


M4.5.01 St Helens Borough Council (PDF) [321KB]
M4.5.02 Redrow Homes (PDF) [10MB]
M4.5.03 Peel L&P (PDF) [911KB]
M4.5.03A Peel L&P Appendix 1 (PDF) [7MB]
M4.5.03B Peel L&P Appendix 2 (PDF) [8MB]
M4.5.03C Peel L&P Appendix 3 (PDF) [10MB]
M4.5.03D Peel L&P Appendix 4 (PDF) [39MB]
M4.5.03E Peel L&P Appendix 5 (PDF) [11MB]
M4.5.03F Peel L&P Appendix 6 (PDF) [6MB]
M4.5.04 Not Issued
M4.5.05 Church Commissioners for England (PDF) [193KB]
M4.5.06 Beritcote Properties Ltd (PDF) [3MB]
M4.5.07 Persimmon Homes Ltd (PDF) [8MB]
M4.5.07A Persimmon Homes Ltd Appendix (PDF) [8MB]
M4.5.08 Redrow Homes (NW) & Wallace Land Investments (PDF) [165KB]
M4.5.09 Seddon Homes (PDF) [1MB]
M4.5.10 England Land (PDF) [289KB]
M4.5.10A England Land Appendix 1 (PDF) [391KB]
M4.5.10B England Land Appendix 2 (PDF) [147KB]
M4.5.10C England Land Appendix 3 (PDF) [940KB]
M4.5.10D England Land Appendix 4 (PDF) [1MB]
M4.5.10E England Land Appendix 5 (PDF) [4MB]
M4.5.10F England Land Appendix 6 (PDF) [4MB]
M4.5.10G England Land Appendix 7 (PDF) [445KB]
M4.5.10H England Land Appendix 8 (PDF) [747KB]
M4.5.10I England Land Appendix 9 (PDF) [711KB]
M4.5.10J England Land Appendix 10 (PDF) [106KB]
M4.5.11 Not Issued
M4.5.12 Eccleston Homes (PDF) [4MB]
M4.5.13 Canmoor Developments Ltd (PDF) [94KB]
M4.5.14 CPRE (PDF) [340KB]
M4.5.15 Miller Homes (PDF) [162KB]
M4.5.15A Miller Homes Appendix 1 (PDF) [1MB]
M4.5.15B Miller Homes Appendix 2 (PDF) [925KB]
M4.5.16 Wainhomes (NW) Ltd (PDF) [100KB]
M4.5.17 Barratt Homes (PDF) [936KB]
M4.5.17A Barratt Homes Appendix 1 (PDF) [3MB]
M4.5.17Bi Barratt Homes Appendix 2 Part 1 (PDF) [9MB]
M4.5.17Bii Barratt Homes Appendix 2 Part 2 (PDF) [5MB]
M4.5.17C Barratt Homes Appendix 3 (PDF) [1MB]
M4.5.17D Barratt Homes Appendix 4 (PDF) [2MB]
M4.5.17E Barratt Homes Appendix 5 (PDF) [1MB]
M4.5.17F Barratt Homes Appendix 6 (PDF) [1MB]
M4.5.17G Barratt Homes Appendix 7 (PDF) [300KB]
M4.5.18 Murphy Group (PDF) [1MB]
M4.5.19 Paul Hooton (PDF) [118KB]

Matter 4 Session 6

Allocations, Safeguarded Land and Green Belt Boundaries - Parkside and Newton-le-Willows/Earlestown

Matter 4 Session 6 Action Points (PDF) [113KB]
Matter 4 Session 6 Agenda (PDF) [114KB]


M4.6.01 St Helens Borough Council (PDF) [327KB]
M4.6.02 Peel L&P (PDF) [495KB]
M4.6.03 Redrow Homes (NW) & Wallace Land Investments (PDF) [674KB]
M4.6.04 Murphy Group (PDF) [1MB]
M4.6.05 Jones Homes (NW) Ltd (PDF) [143KB]
M4.6.05A Jones Homes (NW) Ltd Appendix (PDF) [489KB]
M4.6.06 Parkside Action Group (PDF) [185KB]
M4.6.07 CPRE (PDF) [217KB]
M4.6.08 Wainhomes (NW) Ltd (PDF) [1MB]
M4.6.09 Parkside Regeneration LLP (PDF) [1MB]
M4.6.09Ai Parkside Regeneration LLP Appendix 1 Part 1 (PDF) [797KB]
M4.6.09Aii Parkside Regeneration LLP Appendix 1 Part 2 (PDF) [7MB]
M4.6.09Aiii Parkside Regeneration LLP Appendix 1 Part 3 (PDF) [7MB]
M4.6.09B Parkside Regeneration LLP Appendix 2 (PDF) [443KB]
M4.6.09Ci Parkside Regeneration LLP Appendix 3 Part 1 (PDF) [8MB]
M4.6.09Cii Parkside Regeneration LLP Appendix 3 Part 2 (PDF) [9MB]
M4.6.09Ciii Parkside Regeneration LLP Appendix 3 Part 3 (PDF) [9MB]
M4.6.09Civ Parkside Regeneration LLP Appendix 3 Part 4 (PDF) [9MB]
M4.6.09Cv Parkside Regeneration LLP Appendix 3 Part 5 (PDF) [4MB]
M4.6.09Cvi Parkside Regeneration LLP Appendix 3 Part 6 (PDF) [9MB]
M4.6.09Cvii Parkside Regeneration LLP Appendix 3 Part 7 (PDF) [1MB]
M4.6.09Cviii Parkside Regeneration LLP Appendix 3 Part 8 (PDF) [9MB]
M4.6.09Cix Parkside Regeneration LLP Appendix 3 Part 9 (PDF) [9MB]
M4.6.10 Isec (PDF) [2MB]

Matter 5

Matter 6

Matter 7

Matters 8 & 9

Review Session

Matters 10 and 11