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Things to consider before you arrange the funeral

Has your loved one left a will?

If your loved one has left a will, it might include their wishes such as if they want to be buried or cremated.

Their will and other relevant papers such as grave deeds etc. may be at home, in a bank, with a lawyer or even other relatives.


Did they have a pre-paid funeral plan?

Did they have a pre-paid funeral plan, life insurance or savings to cover the costs of the funeral?

A prepaid plan may be in place to help spare you some measure of the emotional stress that comes with this difficult time. The big decisions about your loved ones funeral will have been made, paid for, and their wishes stated.

Grave ownership

If they are going to be buried do they own a grave in the cemetery or a churchyard?

The grave ownership will go automatically to the executors of the will, regardless of whether the grave was left to a named person in the will. If the executors would like to take on ownership, they would have to come to the crematorium office with a copy of the will and fill in a statutory declaration form. This service costs £62.00.

If the executors don't want the grave, or only one executor would like to take ownership, they would have to fill in a form of renunciation and a statutory declaration form. This service costs £62.00.

If you need further help with this, please contact our crematorium office on 01744 677406.

Music and readings

Consider whether they have a favourite piece of music, hymn, poem or reading that could be included in the service. If you don't know don't worry, just pick what feels right for you.

Your funeral director can help you with your choices and usually have a catalogue of music choices.

Cremation or burial?

What you will need to do will depend upon whether the deceased is going to be cremated or buried.


If the deceased is to be buried, is there a family grave or do you need to purchase a grave?

If you are using a Funeral Director they will be able to advise you, including the cost and can help you with the purchase of a grave. You will also have to complete a Notice of Interment Form and if they are being buried in an existing grave you will need to produce the grave deeds. You can get the form from your local Cemetery or from your Funeral Director.


If the deceased is to be cremated you will need to complete an Instruction for Cremation Form and a Cremation 1 Form.

These will need to accompany the Registrar's Certificate and in most cases the 4/5 Medical forms unless a Coroners Form has been issued.

The Cremation 1 Form will ask for some medical details such as whether or not the deceased has a pacemaker or similar device. These have to be removed before the cremation can take place. Certain items such as glass, bottles, aerosols or pressurised containers cannot be placed in the coffin if the deceased is going to be cremated, please contact your our Crematorium office on 01744 677406 for further guidance.

You can choose what you want to happen to the ashes following the cremation, your Funeral Director or Crematorium Staff can explain what choices are available to you