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Liverpool Independents Biennial 2021

Arts In Libraries Images May - Aug 2021

Synopsis: In 2021 we developed a new partnership with Liverpool Independents Biennial. The partnership saw artists from St Helens Borough showcasing work we commissioned in previous years.

This partnership enabled these St Helens-based artists to profile their work on a national scale through an online gallery and through the Liverpool Independents Biennial's newspaper.

Artist/Company: Emmer Winder, Grace Collins, Kevin Crooks, Sarah Gilman, Fiona Stirling and Stephanie Fry

Location: Online/In Print

Dates: Spring 2021

Other Information: View the artists' work 


Welcome To St Helens

Arts In Libraries Images May - Aug 2021

Synopsis: In October 2020 for Black History Month, St Helens Borough Council's Library Service commissioned local creative artist and performer Alexis Maxwell, to create a new animation capturing the voices and stories of some of the borough's black community

Artist/Company: Alexis Maxwell

Location: Online

Dates: The animation premiered on Tuesday 25 May 2021 to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd, a black man who died during arrest by four Minneapolis police officers, one of which knelt on his neck and back for 9 minutes and 29 seconds

Other Information: View the animation



Arts In Libraries Images May - Aug 2021

Synopsis: In this animation, artist Alexis Maxwell celebrates diversity and explores the elements that makes all things unique, whether that's the colour of a flower, or the colour of our skin or the wave or the straightness of our hair - all things have roots that should be celebrated and just like a garden WE are all beautiful in OUR own right...

Artist/Company: Alexis Maxwell

Location: Online

Dates: Launched on Empathy Day 2021

Other Information: View the animation

You can also watch/take part in a workshop that Alexis developed as part of the project


Digital Cafés

Arts In Libraries Images May - Aug 2021

Synopsis: Artist Aidan Moesby's artistic practice explores on the dual crises of Climate Change and Mental Health. As we began to emerge from multiple lockdowns, Aidan ran a series of online Cafés with the public and our Creative Alternatives group. The workshops explored various topics: including feelings about the pandemic, the weather, climate change and mental health

Artist/Company: Aidan Moesby

Location: Online

Dates: Summer 2021


Fantabulosa - Digital Drag Show

Fantabulousa Image

Synopsis: For Pride 2021 we programmed some of the UK's leading drag artists as they brought their favourite inclusive stories, songs, games (and plenty of glitter) direct into people's homes!

Fantabulosa! Was a celebration of difference, diversity and acceptance, wrapped up in original music, dance & family friendly fun!

Artist/Company: Adam Carver / FAT Projects

Location: Online

Dates: July

Other Information: Programmed as part of St Helens Pride 2021


Estimated Waiting Time

Arts In Libraries Images May - Aug 2021

Synopsis: Set in the playground, outside Thatto Heath Library Alyssa (42) and Lewis (15) met by chance one evening whilst both looking for a place to escape their home lives. Isolated and lonely, the pair found a commonality, forming an unlikely friendship through their shared frustration with family, the systems failing them, and a love of storytelling. They went on to share their mutual difficulties, their dreams and aspirations, and the things that hold them back, helping each other see a positive future

Artist/Company: Lauren Reed and Holly Joyce

Location: The playground, outside Thatto Heath Library

Dates: 12th August

Other Information: Our first physical performance since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic