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Pattern Of Play

Arts In Libraries Images Sep  - Dec 2020

Synopsis: As part of Homotopia 2020 we commissioned Millie Chesters to create a series of portraits of Lily Parr. Born in 1905, Lily was a pioneering footballer from St Helens, known for her powerful kick and strong personality. She was open about being lesbian long before the UK's decriminalisation of homosexuality and she carried on playing football despite the FA's 1921 ruling against women playing on affiliated grounds in the UK.     

Artist/Company: Millie Chesters

Location(s): Online. Postcards also delivered via St Helens Libraries' Home Delivery Service

Dates: From November 2020

Other Information: Part of Homotopia 2020. Click here for the full gallery of Lily Parr images and for more of Millie's work



Arts In Libraries Images Sep  - Dec 2020

Synopsis: Before HD, 4:3 was standard TV ratio. Growing up queer in the 1990s, under Section 28 and in a small northern town, it was also Amy Pennington's ratio - a limited square portal into a queer education.   

In 4:3, Amy explores re-performance as a form of remembering TV's naff, but precious moments and was accompanied by a one-off online workshop exploring memory, queer idols and representation. 

Artist/Company: Amy Pennington

Location(s): Online

Dates: From October 2020

Other Information: Part of Homotopia 2020. Programmed/Commissioned in Partnership with Heart Of Glass. For more information and to view the film, visit


What Are You Waiting For?

Arts In Libraries Images Sep  - Dec 2020

Synopsis: Filmed in the area around Thatto Heath Library on World Mental Health Day 2018, What Are You Waiting For considers the idea of waiting and what happens or doesn't happen in public spaces.

Artist/Company: Claire Weetman

Location(s): Online

Dates: Launched on World Mental Health Day 2020

Other Information: Click here to view the film


I Was Naked Smelling of Rain

Arts In Libraries Sep - Dec 2021 Images

Synopsis: This thoughtful, provocative and fun online theatre show explored the relationship between inner and outer weather - in a world where climate change and mental health are two of the biggest crises we face.

Artist/Company: Aidan Moesby

Location(s): Online

Dates: 1st December

Other Information: Presented as part of DaDaFest's International Festival and introduced with a conversation and Q&A with artist Aidan Moesby and producer Holly Shuttleworth.