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You Who Live Safe

2018 - Images

A unique musical composition written by local musician and teacher Julia Cadman, performed with choral and dance accompaniments with selected Primo Levi poetry in candlelight.

Artist/Company: Julia Cadman

Location(s): Rainhill Library, Haydock Library

Dates: 26th January & 29th

Other Information: Presented as part of Holocaust Memorial Day 2018.


Library Lion

2018 - Images

Adapted by Untied Artists from the award-winning book by Michelle Knudsen, Library Lion asked, 'what would happen if a lion came to storytime?' - this beautiful story invigorated an endangered species - the local library - with songs, laughter, and lots of joining in!

Artist/Company: Untied Artists

Location(s): Moss Bank Library, Chester Lane Library

Dates: 14th - 15th February

Other Information: Programmed in partnership with Citadel Arts.


William Shakespeare's The Rape of Lucrece


Gerard Logan starred in the first ever solo adaptation of William Shakespeare's brilliant, brutal narrative poem about the dreadful crime of rape, and its aftershock.

Artist/Company: Gerard Logan

Location(s): Newton-le-Willows Library, Eccleston Library

Dates: 23rd February

Other Information: Olivier Award Nominee 


World Book Day 2018

2018 - Images

Three unique events made by local artists and performers were developed with funding from a St Helens Arts in Libraries commission, including handmade artist books, pop-up installations and performances.

Artist/Company: J Birkett, C Weetman, J Priestly, J McConnell, J Barwood, A.J. Malone, P. Cousins, C Miller, Y Tinsley, M Wren, I Greenall, M Anders

Location(s): Eccleston Library

Dates: 1st March

Other Information: A St Helens Arts in Libraries commission.


A Day in the Life of a Bottlehand

2018 - Images

Set against the backdrop of St Helens life in the late 19th century, A Day in the Life of a Bottlehand dug beneath the earth to celebrate the lives, stories and histories (some real and some imagined) of the people who worked in the largest glass bottle-making factory in the world.

Artist/Company: The Friends of Cannington Shaw

Location(s): Garswood Library, Rainford Library, Thatto Heath Library

Dates: 15th March

Other Information: A St Helens Arts in Libraries commission.


 Chip Shop Chips

2018 - Images

Theatre, but not as you know it, Chip Shop Chips blended dinner, quizzing and performance. Box of Tricks transported audiences back to a time of chippy teas and Northern Soul. This performance was part of a sold-out tour, celebrating love across the ages - and the nation's favourite food.

Artist/Company: Box of Tricks

Location(s): Parr Library

Dates: 17th March

Other Information: Interactive Theatre Performance



2018 - Images

Bookish was a collection of five brand new comedy shows from performers and comedians Laura Mugridge and Tom Adams: each mini show was inspired by a different book - and the audience chose which they wanted to see. Each performance blended comedy, live original music and a quiz.  

Artist/Company: Laura Mugridge and Tom Adams

Location(s): Newton-le-Willows Library, Billinge Library

Dates: 22nd March

Other Information: Comedy Performance


Get Well Soon

2018 - Images

70 years ago, Nye Bevan gave us free healthcare for all. Can his dream survive the demands and pressures of the 21st century? Can nurse Danuta save the day with her Polish pastries and proverbs? With tunes, transfusions, and titters, we joined Mikron Theatre as they made a surgical strike on the state of our NHS.  

Artist/Company: Mikron Theatre

Location(s): Parr Library

Dates: 28th April

Other Information: Theatre Performance