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Sep '16


Northern Powerhouse 2065

Images for 2016

FACT & Re-Dock presented a touring exhibition of their interactive text adventure game, created with young people across the Northwest. This touring exhibition featured user-generated objects or 'artefakes' produced in the game, and brought into the physical world.   

Artist/Company: Foundation for Art & Creative Technology (FACT) & Re-Dock

Location(s): Eccleston Library, St Helens Central Library

Dates: 28th September - 30th November

Other Information: Exhibition. Digital art.


Oct '16


World Mental Health Day 2016

Images for 2016

Audiences joined various artists at St Helens Central Library for a range of performances, visual arts and music, to celebrate the ways in which creativity helps those with mental health challenges, and to de-stigmatise some misconceptions around mental health.  

Artist/Company: Creative Space, Alef Trust, Sharon Mutch, Olly Ford, Grand National Chorus, Open Mic

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 10th October

Other Information: Mental Health. Theatre Performance, Visual Arts, Music



Images for 2016

20 Stories High Theatre Company returned to St Helens Central Library with a fantastic trio of monologues that offered gritty, challenging, and humorous insights into the lives of a diverse cast of young people.    

Artist/Company: 20 Stories High Theatre Company

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 14th October

Other Information: Theatre Performance. Stop Hate Crime initiative.


The Secret Life of Mia

Images for 2016

Combining promenade, site-specific, movement and audio, this immersive and intimate piece of performance took audiences on a journey through the streets, and deep into a story of the women starving themselves for beauty.    

Artist/Company: La Banshee, Amandine Vincent

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 18th - 26th October

Other Information: Theatre Performance.


Romeo and Juliet

Images for 2016

Commemorating 400 years since the death of Shakespeare, The Pantaloons re-imagined Romeo and Juliet with a fresh new twist! A delightfully inventive performance featuring live music, audience interaction, and the bit with the balcony.     

Artist/Company: The Pantaloons

Location(s): Newton-le-Willows Library

Dates: 27th October

Other Information: Theatre Performance. Family Friendly Event.


Nov '16


Scandinavia Has Been Good to Me

Images for 2016

The world is a mess; the nation is in a state and a good friend has disappeared. Audiences joined transgender detective extraordinaire Mandy Romero, as she tried to make sense of it all. Is there a better place? Is it somewhere you can get to by walking? What's rave got to do with it? Or Japanese poetry for that matter?

Artist/Company: Mandy Romero

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 17th November

Other Information: Theatre Performance. Presented as part of Homotopia 2016. 


Dec '16


Disability for Dunces

Images for 2016

Award-winning comedian Lost Voice Guy gets asked lots of bizarre questions as a disabled person. Now the BBC New Comedy Award Winner answers them all for audiences in this brand-new show. Audiences were invited to consider this show as a disabled FAQ for stupid people. 

Artist/Company: Lost Voice Guy

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 2nd December

Other Information: Theatre Performance. Programmed as part of DaDaFest 2016.



Images for 2016

Visually striking, with a unique physical language and steampunk aesthetic, Cracked explored the causalities of austerity in modern Britain. A harrowing performance that asks - when things are at their worst, where do you go from here? 

Artist/Company: Collective Encounters

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 4th December

Other Information: Theatre Performance.


Tight Modern

Images for 2016

Tight Modern was a touring miniature replica of London's iconic Tate Modern Gallery. The miniature gallery showcased over 60 artworks from across the UK, created by marginalised and disabled artists.  

Artist/Company: Creative Future

Location(s): St Helens Central Library, Haydock Library, Eccleston Library

Dates: 15th December 2016 - 26th January 2017

Other Information: Visual Art, Installation


Echoes Through The Years

Images for 2016

Who are they? Why are they? What are they? What happened to...? What if...? Students on the FdA Theatre & Performance course at University Centre St Helens asked these questions and more, as a starting point in the development of this performance exploring the lives of the people captured in photographs from the George Street Photography Collection, breathing new life into these long-forgotten images.    

Artist/Company: University Centre St Helens

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 14th December

Other Information: Theatre Performance. Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.