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Sep '15


Here Now And Looking Back (Continued Libraries Tour)


Artist Benedict Phillips was commissioned as a Cultural Hubs artist in residence to make a digital artwork in response to WW1. Benedict travelled between seven libraries situated in the North of St Helens. During these library visits he met with many local people who own artefacts, photographs and objects detailing their family's involvement in the Great War. Through recorded discussions Benedict developed this interactive artwork alongside a commemorative book and website. 

Artist/Company: Benedict Phillips

Location(s): Rainford Library, Billinge Library, St Helens Central Library

Dates: 22nd September - 27th November

Other Information: Family Friendly Programming


Illuminated by Shadows


Local artist Jane Barwood uses light to occupy space and to interrogate images and their surroundings. Shadows, silhouettes and projections evoked ideas of fading memories, using the town's motto 'ex-terra lucem' as inspiration. 

Artist/Company: Jane Barwood

Location(s): Chester Lane Library

Dates: 8th September - 8th October




Georgia is the moniker of London based producer and multi-instrumentalist Georgia Barnes. Get Loud in Libraries were proud to bring Georgia to St Helens audiences with her distinctive mix of electro-futurism and propulsive tribal rhythms. 

Artist/Company: Loud in Libraries

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 18th September


The Adventures of Pom


Pom recreated the Greek myth of Persephone for babies and little ones, through the exploration of a sensory world of projections, soundscapes and storytelling, live music and objects. 

Artist/Company: Ruthie Boycott Garnett

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 18th September

Other Information: Presented in partnership with Big Imaginations & Citadel Arts


Oct '15


Hi Anxiety


This frank autobiographical show delved into life's stigmas surrounding mental health, through the story of of a mother and daughter - part tragic comedy, part brutal truth it was a story of suffering and perseverance. 

Artist/Company: Debs Gatenby

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 9th October

Other Information: Presented as part of Dignity in Mental Health Day 2015


Darkness and Decadence


Taking you on a trip through the dark and the humorous sides of reality and fantasy alike, this performance made for an excellent evening far fans of black comedy and lustrous poetry. 

Artist/Company: Lynn Gerrard aka The Grumbling Gargoyle

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 15th October


Pop up poetry 

The Knives, Forks and Spoons Press brought back their unique blend of  internationally renowned poets to St Helens Library. 

Artist/Company: Knives, Forks and Spoons Press

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 17th October, 12th December




Fraff was a stand up poetry night for people who don't like poetry. 

Artist/Company: Scottee

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 16th October

Other Information: Presented in partnership with Heart of Glass


Monday & Stammer

Monday was a solo performance that explored everyday life and the juggling acts of route. Stammer was an autobiographical scratch piece that challenged pre-conceptions around people with a stammer. 

Artist/Company: Sophie Tickle and Robert Boyle

Location(s): Chester Lane Library, Newton Le Willows Library, St Helens Central Library, Thatto Heath Library

Dates: 17th October

Other Information: Funded by St Helens Adult Learning Department 


Socks, Pincushions & Stories


Audiences joined St Helens Library Service to stitch, sew tell stories of ancestors involved in WW1, in conversation with a researcher from the Merseyside at War project. 

Artist/Company: Up for Crafts

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 16th October

Other Information: BBC Radio Merseyside & Voluntary Arts England


Britannia Waves the Rules


Written by Gareth Parr, Britannia Waves the Rules won the Bruntwood Prize for Playwrighting in 2011, and was Farr's first full length play. 

Artist/Company: Royal Exchange Theatre

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 29th October

Other Information: Presented in partnership with Bruntwood.


Nov '15


The Ragged Trousered Philanthopists


Following on from their successful production of The Caretaker, emerging St Helens theatre company Costal Productions presented their most ambitious project to date, featuring a cast of professional performers and first time local actors attracted by the significance and importance of the source material - Robery Tressell's 1914 book. 

Artist/Company: Costal Productions

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 6th & 7th November

Other Information: Sponsored by Unite Union


Still Ragged

Produced by Shut Out the Lights, this documentary charts the impact of Robert Tressell's 'The Ragged Trousered Philanthopist' - with a cast including including Ricky Tomlinson, Dennis Skinner MP & Tom Watson MP. 

Artist/Company: A Small Cinema

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 27th November

Other Information: Presented in partnership with Heart of Glass


The Fear Factor


The team that produced 'Spooky Tales' Petite Ullaloom brought a unique, interactive performance to St Helens, providing audiences with a safe and funny environment in which to confront situations in which they feel afraid. 

Artist/Company: Petite Ullaloom

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 14th November

Other Information: Family Friendly Programming


With the Past in Front of Me I Walk Backwards Into The Future

All women, young and old were invited to join Rachel Anderson in uncovering the forgotten stories of our community. A series of genealogy workshops held across the Library sites explored and unearthed the secrets and characters that formed the streets we lived in. 

Artist/Company: Rachel Anderson

Location(s): All 13 Library Sites

Dates: Throughout November

Other Information: Programmed in partnership with Heart of Glass. 


Red Riding Hood: Workshop


Ahead of their show 'Red Riding Hood' at Citadel Arts Centre in December, Horse + Bamboo Theatre provided two high quality workshops in the art of animation and shadow puppetry. Participants created stories, puppets and props and had the opportunity to perform their piece of puppet theatre alongside Horse + Bamboo professionals. 

Artist/Company: Horse + Bamboo Theatre

Location(s): Newton Le Willows Library, St Helens Central Library

Dates: Throughout November

Other Information: Programmed in partnership with Big Imaginations and Citadel Arts


Dec '15


Christmas Choirs

In the build up to Christmas, some of the best choirs in the borough were invited to perform at Central Library. 

Artist/Company: All, Community event

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 5th December