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Two Old Instruments

Cultural Hubs Event Images

Jonathan Rees and Susie Crow of Ballet in Small Spaces delved into 18th century music and dance, and presented a work inspired by the salon pieces of viola de gambo virtuoso Carl Friedrich. Their unique performance informed a contemporary interpretation, reflecting on both history and memory.

Artist/Company: Ballet in Small Spaces

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 17th May

Other Information: Dance Performance. Family Friendly.  



Additional Images for 2014

Following on from their first performance, Break Free, Other Ways of Telling returned to St Helens Central Library with their unique blend of poetry, humour, music and performance. Saintland told the story of fairy tale characters once the fairy tale has ended. 

Artist/Company: Collective Encounters

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 21st May

Other Information: Theatre Performance.   


St Helens Detective Club

Cultural Hubs Event Images

Audiences explored the Golden Age of Detective Fiction as part of the St Helens Detective Club, and gained skills in logical deduction, observation and creative writing. Working with artist Hwa Young Jung, the club met fortnightly over five workshops. 

Artist/Company: Re-Dock, Hwa Young Jung

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 19th May - 14th July

Other Information: Workshops. Artist in Residence programme.  



Cultural Hubs Event Images

Thumpers (an alternative pop band based in London) played in St Helens Central Library on the 30th of May. Their first single 'Dancing Done' was released on limited edition tose-tinted vinyl through Transgressive Records, and was a critical success on BBC Radio 1, Xfm and Amazing Radio.

Artist/Company: Get Loud in Libraries

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 30th May

Other Information: Music Performance.  


Tales and Trails

Filmmaker Tim Brunsden worked with library users in St Helens to collect their stories and create a film about the ways we use library spaces. The film incorporated a number of unusual film-making tools and techniques. Tim ran open sessions for library users to contribute to the film throughout May.

Artist/Company: Re-Dock, Tim Brunsden

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: Throughout May

Other Information: Workshops. Artist in Residence programme 


I Believe in Unicorns

Cultural Hubs Event Images

Wizard Presents performed their magical stage adaptation of Michael Morpurgo's enthralling children's tale I Believe in Unicorns.   

Artist/Company: Wizard presents

Location(s): Newton-le-Willows Library & Chester Lane Library

Dates: 13th June

Other Information: Storytelling performance. Family Friendly event. 


Stories of St Helens

Cultural Hubs Event Images

Stories of St Helens was the culmination of a four-month Arts Council funded residency for Belinda Grantham Dance Company in St Helens libraries. Local audiences were invited to share their stories of St Helens via a website, which dancers then interpreted through performance. 

Artist/Company: Belinda Grantham Dance Company

Location(s): St Helens Central Library, Parr Library, Newton-le-Willows Library, Chester Lane Library

Dates: 16th - 18th June

Other Information: Dance performance.  



Cultural Hubs Event Images

Mental was an intimate, autobiographical one-man performance spanning 13 years of adult life. Using the Data Protection Act, The Vacuum Cleaner reclaimed all state held information on his life, including psychiatrist reports, police files and social services reports - countering this 'official' record of life with personal stories, photographs, and memories.

Artist/Company: The Vacuum Cleaner

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 26th & 27th June

Other Information: Theatre performance. 


Body Trail

Cultural Hubs Event Images

Willi Dorner (leading choreographer for Cie, Vienna) and Michael Palm's (filmmaker, sound designer, Vienna) 9-minute film documents young people reclaiming deserted, late night city streets through ingenious performance actions. The film was available to watch across St Helens libraries in June.   

Artist/Company: Willi Dorner & Michael Palm

Location(s): Multiple library sites.

Dates: Throughout June

Other Information: Film. Exhibition.


The Hacienda Tales

Cultural Hubs Event Images

Inspired by the pilgrimages made in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, this performance explored a different type of pilgrimage - to the Hacienda in Manchester.  Audiences were invited to experience stories drawn from the Hacienda - a place of solace and escape from the socio-economic repression in the 1980s and observe a portrait of post-Thatcher Britain.

Artist/Company: LIA Concept

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 3rd July

Other Information: Theatre Performance


Much Ado About Nothing

Cultural Hubs Event Images

Liverpool Network Theatre presented Much Ado About Nothing at St Helens Central Library - Shakespeare's comedy of love gone-wrong-gone-right.  

Artist/Company: Liverpool Network Theatre

Location(s): St Helens Central Library

Dates: 24th July

Other Information: Theatre Performance


Libraries in Motion

Additional Images for 2014

Artist Sam Meech ran stop-motion animation for small groups across St Helens libraries. The animations were made using the libraries themselves - the people, the books, places, furniture, architecture - and the spaces in-between them. 

Artist/Company: Re-Dock,Sam Meech

Location(s): Multiple St Helens library sites.

Dates: 30th July - 16th August

Other Information: Workshops. Artist in Residence programme. Family Friendly event.