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Apply for a resident's or visitor's permit

My permit has nearly expired; how do I renew it?

If you currently have a full resident's parking permit, you may receive a letter inviting you to renew your permit around one month before the permit expires.

How do I apply?

Download, complete and return the resident's parking application form, along with the following documents:

  • The form V5 (log book) for the vehicle or valid Motability documentation
  • Your insurance certificate
  • Any additional means of identifying you as living at the address within the residents' parking area. This may be a utility bill, tenancy agreement etc.
  • A completed resident's parking application form

 You can download the application form

Applications for vehicle-specific resident parking permits can be made by email via

It is your responsibility to ensure that any vehicle registered at your address is displaying the correct permit.

For more advice, please email or phone 01744 676398.