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Organise an event

If your event is approved

If your event is approved, we will request more information from you. Here is a list of the things we are likely to ask you for so you can prepare in advance.

  • An Event Management Plan - this is how you intend to operate the event and those involved in its delivery.
  • Traffic Management Plan - if the event requires road closures or car parking.
  • A copy of their ADIPS document - if a third party is providing any fairground rides for your event.
  • A copy of their PIPA document - if a third party is providing any inflatables for your event.
  • Event licences 
  • Your medical plan for the event.
  • A list of details of any on site traders you have including their business name, address, contact details and if they are food related, their host residence authority.
  • Specific Public Liability Insurance and Risk Assessment for any high risk attractions.