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Organise an event

Checklist for applying to hold an event

You'll need to have several forms and documents to submit with your application.

If you don't have all the documents ready when you apply, you can email them to after you've completed the form. However, we cannot process your application until we receive all of your documents.

  • Land hire agreement - please sign and return the land hire agreement if your event will take place on council land.
  • Risk assessment - you need to complete a risk assessment for all events. If you need help filling this form in, you can view our example.
  • Public liability insurance evidence - you need to provide evidence of public liability insurance. If your event takes place on council land, we ask for a minimum cover level of £10 million. We're not able to provide advice on your insurance policy or the levels of indemnity you'll need. We may contact your insurance provider directly if we have any questions.
  • Route map - please contact us if you'd like guidance on your proposed route before you apply.
  • Traffic management plan - you need this if there needs to be any road closures for your event. You'll need to employ a traffic management specialist to create an appropriate traffic management plan to send to us for consideration.
  • Road closure process - you need to apply to close a road for your event. Our highways team will handle the legal process of applying for your road closure, charges will apply. Once your route/site and traffic management plan are agreed, our highways team will contact you to progress your road closure. For support please contact
  • Event site plan - you need to provide this for all events. It must show the layout of your event and list of any individual fairground rides or stalls, if applicable.
  • Event management plan - you need to provide this for all large or complex events. Please contact us if you're not sure whether you need to complete this for your event.
  • Third-party insurance evidence - if you're using any third party companies, we need the following evidence. A reputable company should have these available to send to you.
    • Evidence of their public liability insurance - with a minimum cover of £10 million.
    • A copy of their ADIPS document - if a third party is providing any fairground rides for your event.
    • A copy of their PIPA document - if a third party is providing any inflatables for your event.
  • Food safety form - all the food vendors at your event need to complete this form and email it to at least two weeks before the event. 
  • List of traders - if you're planning to have any stalls or street traders at your event, you need to give us a list of the traders and the products they're planning to sell. If you will be holding a market or car boot sale, you will need to apply for a markets licence; please email with details of your proposed market and to request an application form.
  • Licences - you may need a licence if you're planning to sell alcohol, provide entertainment or play live music. We'll contact you if this is the case.
  • Collection permit - if you're collecting money for charity, you may need a collection permit. We'll contact you if this is the case.