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We provide:

  • Nutritionally balanced meals that meet the government's guidelines - School Food Standards
  • High-quality food products which can be traced to the source of origin
  • Food For Life Bronze Award-certified meals across all primary schools

Working with our partners

The school meals service works closely with primary and secondary headteachers, Healthy Schools, dental health, public health, and dieticians, to ensure a whole-school approach to provide a nutritional meal for children every day.

We also engage with members of Soil Association (Food for Life Accreditation), Local Authority Catering Association (LACA) and North West Catering Forum (NWCF).


The School Food Plan outlines the food standards that govern the type of food served in St Helens schools.

This government legislation relates to what can and cannot be served at lunchtime. i.e. healthier drinks, more water and fruit and vegetables are in; cakes, biscuits and confectionery are out. The School Meals Service has to restrict salt, snacks (sugar) and deep-fried foods.

Primary service

Converting customers to choose healthy options is always going to be a big challenge. Our goal is to improve the food content of products on our menus and to try and ensure each customer has a healthy, balanced diet. All the companies we work with strive to provide us with school meals-friendly food products.

All products used in the Schools Meals Service look and taste the same as other food products but contain less fat and sugar as well as also having a reduced salt content.