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Local Plan - frequently asked questions

Do the Inspectors require changes to be made to the Plan? If so, what are they?

Yes, the Inspectors identified a number of main modifications that need to be made to the Plan to ensure it can be considered "sound" as required by national policy. The full details of these can be found in a table appended to the Inspectors' Report. The headline changes can be summarised as:

  • Extending the timeframe of the Plan to ensure a 15-year period post-adoption (i.e., the end date of the Plan will change from 2035 to 2037);
  • Taking into account the Council's climate change emergency declaration;
  • Ensuring that Green Belt policy relating to safeguarded land and compensatory improvements is positively prepared and consistent with national policy;
  • Clearly articulating the exceptional circumstances for Green Belt release at strategic and site levels;
  • Modifying Policies LPA01 and LPA04 so that the Plan promotes the effective use of land;
  • Ensuring that the site profiles for allocated and safeguarded sites are site-specific and not generic;
  • The inclusion of bespoke policies for the Bold Forest Garden Suburb and Parkside West;
  • Revising the boundaries for allocated sites 7HA and 9EA and safeguarded site 4HS so that they are positively prepared, justified and effective;
  • Modifying housing mix, affordable housing, and housing standards policies so that they are effective and consistent with national policy (most notably, changing the "requirement" to deliver bungalows to an "encouragement" in policy to do so);
  • Ensuring that the housing and employment land supply position is up to date so the Plan is effective (using the supply position as of 31 March 2021);
  • Amending the Monitoring Framework to make sure it is effective; and
  • A number of other modifications to ensure that the plan is positively prepared, justified, effective and consistent with national policy.