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Local Plan - frequently asked questions

What does the Plan mean for the provision of housing in the Borough?

The Plan sets out a housing requirement over the Plan period (2016-2037) of 10,206 dwellings.

Between 1 Apr 2016 and 31 Mar 2021 there have been 3,074 additional dwellings made available in the Borough. This number takes account of any demolitions or loss of properties during the time and therefore the number is referred to as 3,074 Net Completions.

Taking these additional properties into account means that the residual housing requirement for the remaining Plan period (1 Apr 2021 to 31 Mar 2037) is 7,132 dwellings. This is the number of homes that need to be built up to the end of the Plan period.

In terms of the supply of land to meet the residual housing requirement over the remaining Plan period (7,132 dwellings), the Plan anticipates it will comprise:

  • 5,670 homes on non-Green Belt land (land in the urban areas and in brownfield sites), and
  • 2,114 homes on Green Belt land

This equates to a supply of 7,784 dwellings over the remaining Plan period up to 2037 to meet and slightly exceed the residual requirement of 7,132 dwellings. This slightly increased number provides some flexibility in the housing supply over the entire Plan period which reflects the need to provide a positively prepared Plan, as set out in national policy.

This overall Plan period supply position was also considered through the Examination, with the Inspectors noting that the evidence showed some 10,858 dwellings are capable of being delivered in the Plan period (comprised of 5,670 in the urban area and 2,114 to be released from the Green Belt and 3,074 completions between 1 Apr 2016 and 3 Mar 2021) against the Plan period requirement of 10,206, providing headroom of 652 dwellings over the Plan period. 

In paragraph 290 of their Report, the Inspectors concluded that "... potential supply exceeds the requirement by around 6%.  Therefore, there is some flexibility built into the supply."  They found the proposed housing supply in the Plan to be appropriate.

Approximately 80% of the residual housing requirement up to 2037 is anticipated to be delivered on non-Green Belt sites, i.e., those in the urban areas and on brownfield sites.

The average annual housing requirement in the Plan has remained unchanged through the Examination process, and the Inspectors have concluded that the proposed allocations to meet housing need are appropriate, including those sites to be released from the Green Belt.