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Local Plan - frequently asked questions

What does the Plan mean for the provision of employment land in the Borough?

The Plan has an overall employment need between 2012 and 2037 of 239 hectares (ha).

Take up of employment land between 1 Apr 2012 and 31 Mar 2021 has been 60.77ha.

Existing supply of employment land (sites with permission and under construction) = 4.99ha.

Total residual employment land requirement between 2021 and 2037 = 173.24ha.

The proposed supply from allocations in the plan to meet the residual need of 173.24ha between 2021 and 2037 totals 182.31ha. This does not include site allocation 1EA, the Omega South Western Extension, as this is allocated to meet employment needs arising in Warrington.

Through the Examination, the Inspectors scrutinised the employment evidence informing the employment land requirement and found it to be justified. The detailed employment figures have been updated (as above) since the Plan was submitted to reflect the latest supply position as of 31 March 2021, and to reflect the additional two years of the Plan period. The employment allocations in the Plan have all been retained, with the exception of those which have been built out or where construction is well underway since the Submission Draft was published in 2019, as the allocation status is no longer needed.