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Local Plan - frequently asked questions

How will the Plan ensure that the necessary infrastructure is delivered?

There are various different types of infrastructure to be delivered along with new development and the Plan has a series of policies to facilitate and shape this infrastructure.

For example:

  • In relation to Green Infrastructure and open spaces, the Plan sets out expectations through Policies LPA08, LPC05 and LPD03.
  • In terms of transport and travel, the expectations are set out in Policy LPA06, and
  • In terms of providing affordable housing, the requirements are set out in Policy LPC02.

The site profiles for the allocated and safeguarded sites in Appendices 5 & 7 of the Plan also set out identified specific infrastructure requirements beyond the general requirements that are applicable to all sites.

Supporting the various individual policies with requirements, including those referred to above, is the overarching Policy LPA07, which sets out that the Council will seek to ensure the satisfactory provision of all forms of infrastructure to serve the local community, including through the use of developer contributions. In doing so, a hierarchy of developer contributions has also been set out. This policy provides the mechanism to deliver infrastructure required to mitigate the impacts of new development, including social infrastructure, such as health and education, where it is shown to be necessary.


The Council will be able to secure new schools and / or the expansion of additional classroom space at existing schools through developer contributions in support of new development coming forward, where there is an evidenced need to do so. The policy framework provided in the Plan, as above, enables this to happen.


The Council will be able to secure new health centres and / or extensions to existing health facilities through developer contributions in support of new development coming forward, where there is an evidenced need to do so. This is facilitated by the policy framework set out in the Local Plan. It should be noted that health workers are provided through central government funding based on population numbers.


The Local Plan contains a policy framework to ensure that development proposals, including Policy LPA06 Transport and Travel, which focusses not only on the need to provide necessary improvements to the road network (local roads and the Strategic Road Network), but also highlights the need to secure the delivery of new or improved bus, cycling and public transport infrastructure, where required.

The Local Plan provides the policy framework to deliver such improvements, where there is an evidenced need for such improvements to support new development. A recent example of this was securing a £750,000 public transport contribution as part of the planning permission granted for the southwest extension of the Omega employment site to be spent on bus service enhancements to link the development into the St Helens bus network to ensure there are links between destinations in south St Helens and Omega.

This is complemented by the opportunity to secure funds from other sources (such as via the Combined Authority) to deliver transport infrastructure improvements in the Borough, such as the St Helens Southern Gateway project, which is currently being delivered, and includes the delivery of new footpath / cycleways, upgrades to Lea Green train station and the nearby Bull and Dog roundabout junction.