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Property Services jobs and opportunities

As part of our modernisation programme to improve public services for our residents, and help realise ambitions for greater social, economic, and place-based regeneration of St Helens, we are rebuilding the capability of our Property Services.

Acknowledging the scale of transformation required to leverage our assets, and support delivery of the St Helens Borough Strategy, a new integrated team structure for Property Services, as a corporate enabler, has been approved. To rebuild capability our plan included increasing capacity, extending skills and developing a collaborative team that is agile and resilient.

Our recruitment offers jobs and career opportunities ranging from apprentices, customer advisors, property practitioners, surveyors, and experienced team managers. A total of twelve vacancies are available as part of the first stage of the recruitment campaign.

We are seeking ambitious individuals who are collaborative, thrive working as part of a team while taking personal responsibility for achieving the best for our customers, clients, and colleagues.

So, whether you are seeking to embark on a career path, or an experienced individual up for the challenges that go with transformation, you will find some real prospects for personal growth and making a difference for our diverse communities and St Helens as a place.

We provide a modern office environment, offering a range of settings to support customer services, individual focused work, collaboration, team working and personal development activities such as learning and supervision. We are extending our agile working hub at Atlas House (see the video below) to complement remote working, which is encouraged where suitable and benefits personal wellbeing and the environment.

For more information on St Helens, about us and the opportunities, please follow the links below.