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Get help with fuel, food or furniture

Household Support Fund

UK government has provided funding up to 30 September 2024 to support residents in financial need.  The Household Support Fund will provide help to residents who are struggling to afford energy, food, water and other essential bills.

It will provide an application process for low-income households who:

  • require urgent help with fuel or food  or other living expense, including arrears
  • need help towards the cost of buying or replacing  furniture or white goods
  • are ineligible to receive Universal Credit or other mean-tested benefits including households with children and disabilities.

In addition, the scheme will provide direct awards to:

  • families in receipt of means-tested free school meals during  school holiday periods including qualifying children in nursery provision
  • to low-income households which are unable to afford to adequately heat or power their properties and who have medical conditions that may further exacerbate the situation, e.g. residents with serious respiratory conditions or who are permanently running medical equipment
  • other low-income households which are ineligible to receive other cost-of-living support
  • care leavers and other vulnerable groups

Other help available:

Urgent help with fuel or food

Please complete the following application form or contact us on 01744 676789, if you are in immediate need of help with fuel or food costs.

Apply for immediate help with food or fuel

Other help available:

1. You may be entitled to support provided by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) or Job Centre:

  • Short-term benefit advances. If you have made a new benefit claim and are waiting for payment, or have an existing claim where there is a significant change of circumstance that will increase the amount of benefit you receive, you can apply for a short-term benefit advance.
    • Applicants in receipt of Income Support, Employment and Support Allowance and Jobseeker's allowance - telephone 0800 169 0131
    • Carer's Allowance - telephone 0800 731 0297
    • Pension Credit or State penions - telephone 0800 731 0469
    • Universal Credit via your online account.
  • Budgeting loans are interest-free loans available to help pay for essential items. Please visit for further information.
  • Hardship payments are available if you benefit payment is stopped or reduced due a benefit sanction being applied and you cannot pay essential living costs.  Contact the Universal Credit helpline or complete form JSA ESA10JP at your local Job Centre office.

2. If you are seeking support following a disaster and are homeless you should contact our housing team.

3. If you have a designated social worker/support worker, please contact them if there is a serious risk to your health and safety. You can phone our customer services team on 01744 676789 if you need help to contact your social worker.

Furniture and white goods

You can apply online for help with furniture and white goods.

Apply online for help with furniture and white goods

Help towards energy and cost of living expenses

An application form is available if you require urgent help with fuel or food.

Eligibility to receive a direct award

Children eligible to receive free school meals:

  • A £90 supermarket voucher will be issued for each qualifying child who attended a school or nursery provision within St Helens in July 2024 for the May half-term and summer holiday period
  • To qualify, a child must be eligible to receive means-tested free school meals or be transitionally protected
  • The voucher will be issued directly by your child's school or nursery provider prior to the end of term
  • If you do not receive a voucher, please contact your child's school or nursery provider in the first instance.

Payment enquiry form

If you have been advised you will receive a direct award, but are yet to receive it, or have received one which you need to query, please complete our Household Support Payment Queries form

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