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Major improvements made to drive up safety standard on the borough's roads

As part of an ongoing commitment to road safety, St Helens Borough Council has carried out a number of successful schemes over the past 12-months to improve infrastructure and conditions on the local highway network for the benefit of all road users - whether you drive, walk or cycle.


Article date: 6 February 2024

Funded through different streams, including the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and the Department for Transport, the schemes support a five-year road safety strategy - approved by cabinet last year - to ensure the borough's roads remain safe and accessible for all, with the ultimate aim of achieving 'vision zero' - no avoidable collisions which result in fatalities or life-changing injuries on the local authority-maintained network by 2040.

From installing signalised crossing points for pedestrians and cyclists in areas that previously lacked such facilities, to new speed limit restrictions, the council also filled in just under 1,700 potholes and completed 70,000m2 of carriageway resurfacing last year, with more scheduled throughout 2024.

Significant road safety projects achieved during the past year include:

·         Signalised CYCLOPS junction with pedestrian and cycling facilities in Lea Green

·         New controlled toucan crossing on Merton Bank Road/Islands Brow

·         Marshalls Cross Road/Elton Head Road and Elton Head Road/Lea Green Station junction upgrade

·         Toucan crossing upgrade on Lugsmore Lane, Thatto Heath

·         Puffin crossing upgrade on Balwdin Street, St Helens Town Centre

·         Junction upgrade with puffin and toucan crossings on Boundary Road/Kirkland Street

·         Speed limit reductions and signage introduced on St Helens Linkway and Rainford Bypass


Meanwhile, progress is being made to improve traffic flow around the A49 Mill Lane/A572 Southworth Road junction in Newton-le-Willows as part of a junction mitigation scheme to accommodate the Parkside Link Road Scheme, which involves introducing a dedicated left-hand turn lane from the A572 to the A49 - as well as improvements to the right-hand turn lane from the A49 to the A572.

In addition, existing traffic signals will be upgraded to the latest technology, incorporating enhanced pedestrian facilities at the junction.  

As well as implementing the physical changes needed to improve road infrastructure, the council's dedicated road safety team also plays a pivotal role in getting the message across on the importance of road safety in schools and out in local communities, working closely with partners to deliver a number of successful programmes such as the recently completed Crucial Crew campaign which engaged with 1,400 children and adults around staying safe during the school holidays.

Councillor Seve Gomez-Aspron, Deputy Leader of St Helens Borough Council and Cabinet Member for Strategic Transport, said: 

"Despite data showing the road safety risks in St Helens Borough is slightly lower than region trends, every death or serious injury on our roads is one too many so I am determined to ensure the 484 miles and road,  as well as 553 miles of footways that we're responsible for, is kept safe, accessible and in the best possible condition they can be, within our limited budget. We commit to do what we've always done, and learn from every incident through a measured, thorough and evidenced based process, in partnership with other organisations and services. 

"With exciting regeneration projects happening on such a grand scale, St Helens borough is changing and growing - and with that, approaches to road safety must match and address the new risks and opportunities presented by a growing and developing borough which residents quite rightly expect to see."


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Last modified on 06 February 2024