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Educating your child at home

Elective home education (EHE) is the term used by the Department for Education to describe parents' decisions to provide education for their children, rather than sending them to school. This is different from home tuition provided by a local authority or education provided by a local authority other than at a school.

Elective home education is something that any family may consider for their children. This could be for a number of reasons, for example:

  • For some families it is a decision based on their philosophical, spiritual or religious outlook;
  • For some it is to meet the specific needs of a child or children;
  • It may be because of dissatisfaction with 'the system';
  • It may be used as a short-term intervention for a particular reason.

Whatever the circumstances, we aim to support parents in their choice.

Please contact our Education Welfare Service on 01744 673356 or email