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Where the tenant is unable to manage their own financial affairs

We will consider making payment to the landlord if the tenant can demonstrate that they are unable to manage their financial affairs. This may include people with medical conditions, severe debt problems or any of the following:

  • learning disabilities
  • mental health problems
  • drug, gambling or alcohol addictions
  • fleeing domestic violence
  • prison leavers
  • care leavers/single under 25s and homeless
  • undischarged bankruptcy
  • those who have entered into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)
  • those who are having deductions made from their Social Security benefits
  • those whose first language is not English.

The list is not exhaustive, and there may be other reasons as to why a tenant is unable to manage their affairs. Each case will be considered on its own merits. We will usually ask for written evidence in support of the application. This may be from a GP, social services or the Department for Work and Pensions, financial institutions or the Court Service, Citizens Advice Bureau or other welfare rights organisations.

If you think your tenant will have difficulty managing their affairs and paying their rent to you, please complete an application for payment of Local Housing Allowance direct to the landlord/landlady. You must complete this application with your tenant's knowledge and consent.