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Working with tenants

The Early Intervention and Prevention Team work with tenants by supporting them to maintain their tenancy.

The aim of the team is to:

  • Assist people at risk of becoming homeless at the earliest opportunity
  • Identify support needs
  • Refer you to other service providers
  • Work together to prevent homelessness.

If you're a tenant and you're struggling to maintain your tenancy, we may be able to help with things like:

  • Applying for benefits
  • Maximising your income
  • Negotiating rent arrears repayment plans
  • Helping you to budget
  • Supporting you to apply for social housing
  • Mediating with your landlord
  • Preventing unlawful evictions
  • Giving you housing advice
  • Referring you to other service providers.

You may contact us be emailing

It's important you understand your housing rights. If you're a renting a property and your landlord asks you to leave, you have rights.