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What will a residential care home provide?

If you or a family member appears to need residential services their initial Care Assessment will identify whether personal or nursing care is most appropriate for their needs. Here are the differences between them;

  • A Care Home registered to provide personal care will offer support, ensuring basic personal needs are taken care of like assisting with meals, bathing, going to the toilet and taking medication, if this sort of help is needed. 

A Care Home provides accommodation, meals and personal care for older people, people with disabilities, or people who are unable to manage at home, for whatever reason.

The level of care varies from home to home, but the Government defines it as "the kind of care you would receive from a competent and caring relative".  This includes:

  • Help with eating
  • Help with washing and bathing
  • Help with dressing and toilet needs
  • Caring for you if you become ill

Both types of homes are subject to rigorous inspection by the Care Quality Commission and must adhere to strict codes of practice. 

The purpose of each home is to provide a pleasant, safe and homely environment in which to enhance the quality of life of all who may need to live there. 

Residents will be encouraged to make choices and exercise control over how they choose to live. 

This will be respected regardless of age, culture, disability, gender or beliefs. 

Your right to privacy, dignity and to exercise your human and legal rights will be respected at all times.

The Council will help you to plan for the costs of care in either settings.