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St Helens Children We Look After Council

Get involved

If you want to get involved, speak to your social worker, independent reviewing officer or personal advisor, or email us. Whether you live in foster care, in a children's home or have recently left care, we want to hear from you.

The group

This group of children and young people meet once a month to make changes for all Children We Look After from St Helens.

The group:

  • Try out activities - art, leisure, health etc.
  • Have a say about what it is like to be looked after
  • Hold competitions
  • Meet and train managers from services that work with children
  • Meet and train Elected Members, the people who are chosen to represent the town
  • Update the webpages for children and young people
  • Make sure Children We Look After know what has been achieved

What have they achieved?

The group have:

  • Told us the language to use about care - this has been made into guidance for all social care staff
  • Organised a celebration event for children and young people
  • Influenced the financial policy for Children We Look After and Care Leavers
  • Designed a Welcome to Care pack - this makes sure children have what they need
  • Identified what health workers should be working on for Children We Look After

email me at for more information on the Children We Look After Council.