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Register a death

What documents will I need?


When registering a death, you'll need to take the following documents with you to the appointment:

  • Medical certificate of the cause of death (signed by a doctor)

And, if available, identification belonging to the person who has died, for example:

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage or civil partnership certificate
  • NHS medical card
  • Utility bill

You should also bring along documents which will prove your identity as well such as;

  • Passport
  • Driving licence
  • Utility bill 
  • Bank statement


You will need to tell the registrar:

  • The person's full name at time of death
  • Any names previously used, including maiden surname
  • The person's date and place of birth (town and county if born in the UK and country if born abroad)
  • Their last address
  • Their occupation
  • The full name, date of birth and occupation of a surviving spouse or civil partner
  • If they were getting a state pension or any other state benefit

Please check carefully before signing the register to ensure the information recorded in the death register is correct. If any mistakes are made, you will need to apply to the General Register Office (GRO) for any amendments. The amendments, if allowed by the GRO, will be added onto the record as a note in the margin - the original records will not be altered. The GRO charges a fee of £90 for consideration of corrections. 

If English is not your first language and help is needed, a relative or friend may act as an interpreter - please let us know if this is the case so that we allow extra time for the appointment.