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Arranging a burial

Children's funerals

Baby funerals

If your baby was born or stillborn in a hospital, there will be staff there who can help and advise you with funeral arrangements. Often, the hospital will be able to recommend a funeral director to organise a baby funeral, but you can always make the arrangements with a funeral director of your choice or directly with us. 


St Helens Cemetery has a specific children's burial section (section 90); the graves in this section will accommodate a single burial of a child.

If the parents of the child are residents of St Helens, there is no cost for burial into one of these graves. The fee for the purchase of the grave is £315.

If you would prefer to bury your baby/child in a family grave or in a new grave which can accommodate future burials, there are graves available to purchase at St Helens and Newton-le-Willows cemeteries. There is no cost for the burial of a child under the age of 16 into the grave. The cost for the purchase of a new grave is available upon request.

  • Purchase form for a baby/child grave on section 90
  • Purchase form for a full burial grave

For more information, please contact the St Helens Cemetery office on 01744 675490.