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Club premises certificates

What is this licence for?

A club is an organisation that members have joined for a particular social, sporting or political purpose. They may, as members of the organisation, combine to buy alcohol in bulk to supply in the club.

Only a qualifying club may hold a club premises certificate and in order to qualify a club must have at least 25 registered members.

By having a club premises certificate, the club is entitled to certain benefits, which are:

  • The authority to supply alcohol to members and sell it to guests on the premises without the need for anybody to hold a personal licence.
  • The authority to provide late-night refreshment to members of the club.
  • Limited rights of entry for the police and authorised persons as the premise is considered private property and not generally open to members of the public.
  • Exemption from orders of the magistrates' court for the closure of all licensed premises in an area when disorder is happening or expected.