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The assessment process

What happens at the assessment?

Your request will be taken by a Contact Cares Advisor and sent to the appropriate team.  Your referral will be allocated to a member of Adult Social Care staff who will assess your needs and determine whether you are eligible for services.

To do this a trained member of staff will talk with you about what you are able to do, and look at ways to help you overcome any difficulties.  You may also want to involve someone who looks after you (your carer) or someone to speak for you.

Prepare for the assessment

  • If you are able to - discuss with a friend or relative before the needs assessment to discuss what to say.
  • Think about the aspects of your life, such as personal care, washing, showering, dressing, going to the toilet, preparing meals and shopping that you are struggling with - what could help you do these tasks more easily?
  • Everyone has good and bad days - maybe make a note of things you can manage on your own and those that you struggle with or can't do at all.
  • If you need care at home - think of the times of day that you may need it.
  • Feel free to have someone with you whilst you go through the assessment with our staff