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Water FAQs

I have always had access to water so why do I have to pay for it now?
Water meters have been installed for several years now. The cost of water has been paid for by the council; however, we can no longer do this and had no option but to pass on the cost to the user.

I don't use water; why am I paying for it?
You have access to water on site and the facility is available for you to use.

I don't want to pay for water.
Unfortunately that is not an option unless each individual plot had its own feed and water meter.

Will the cost be adjusted each year depending on usage?
This is still being discussed any you will be updated when we know more.

Why was there no consultation?
Due to Covid restrictions, we were unable to meet with associations and tenants.

How did you work out the charge?
It is based on previous years' water charges and the square meterage of each plot.

I think this is very expensive and I can't afford to pay.
Our fees are in line with neighbouring authorities. You can set up monthly direct debit to spread payments.

Self-managed tenants aren't paying for water.
Self-managed allotments pay their own water bills separately.

I am on a concession - do I get it on water?
At the moment, yes.

If there is a leak, the water will be charged for and our bills will go up.
Tenants are expected to report any leaks, which will be repaired as a matter of urgency.

If I'm paying for water then I want it in winter as well.
Unfortunately that is not an option; water is turned off in winter to stop leaks and freezing pipes as stated in the allotment rules.

Other tenants use sprinklers and misuse water with hosepipes etc.
It is against the rules to misuse water; any tenants found to misuse water will be dealt with individually.