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Apply for a resident's or visitor's permit

I have moved into a residents-only parking area; how do I obtain a permit?

Download, complete and return the resident's parking application form, along with the following documents:

  • The form V5 (log book) for the vehicle or valid Motability documentation
  • Your insurance certificate
  • Any additional means of identifying you as living at the address within the residents' parking area. This may be a utility bill, tenancy agreement etc.
  • A completed resident's parking application form

You can  download the application form (Word doc) [77KB] (opens new window)

As outlined in 'Information for Applicants', documents should be returned to

The above documentation can be provided as an attachment, screenshot or photograph as long as they are legible.

If you have only recently moved into your property

Your V5 document (log book) may still show your previous address.

In this case a temporary, one-month permit can be issued, during which time you should obtain an amended form V5 showing your new address from the DVLA. The instructions on the form V5 will tell you how you should do this.

For more advice, please contact 01744 676398 or email