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Apply for a vehicle licence

Apply for a new vehicle

The public must be safe and comfortable while travelling in a licensed vehicle, so only vehicles that meet all of our licensing conditions and comply with our compliance test standards will be licensed.

Please contact us for general advice before purchasing any new vehicle to ensure it meets our standards of eligibility. This includes vehicles with tinted or darkened glass.

To licence a new vehicle or replace an existing vehicle, you will need to complete either the online hackney carriage vehicle application form or the online private hire vehicle application form (hackney carriages are limited to 63 with no current availability). You will need to upload the following documents at the end of the online application process as PDFs.

  • Documentation which proves that you own the vehicle:
    • Logbook in your current address (this must be provided if you have it) 
    • Bill of sale
    • 'New keeper's slip' from the logbook
  • Proof of road tax
  • Certificate of motor insurance

Please note that if your vehicle is brand new off the production line, meaning no more than 1 year old from the date of first registration stated on the logbook, then a compliance test will not be required for the first 12 months. Following the first 12 months normal testing procedures will apply.

Please ensure that you check your application and supporting documents before you submit it, as any incorrect submissions will result in the application being rejected and a new application will then have to be submitted.