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Tattooing safety

Unregistered tattooists

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Unregistered tattooists often work from home or at 'tattoo parties' and often using cheap kits that can be bought online. These kits are often of poor quality and come without instructions, resulting in unclean equipment which can put the tattooist and the customer at risk of infection. Also, investigations have found that the inks provided sometimes contain dangerous bacteria and high levels of toxic metals.

Prevention of infection is not just a case of using a new needle for each person as sharing any equipment, including items like ink pots, can pose a risk.

Using an unregistered tattooist, often at a reduced price, is simply not worth the risk. It needs to be remembered that the tattooing procedure is similar to minor surgery in that if it is carried out incorrectly or by someone who does not have suitable controls in place, you could be putting yourself at risk of contracting a blood-borne virus.

There are strict levels of control and hygiene required of a tattoo artist and in their studio. This helps avoid unnecessary risks to themselves or their customers. It is important that you take proper care of your tattoo, following the advice provided by the tattoo artist.