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Charges for requests for environmental information

As of 3 April 2017, the following charges will apply in relation to requests for environmental information:

  • £35 per hour (excluding VAT) or £17.50 per half-hour to be rounded up.

Example: two hours and 10 minutes spent in total in locating the information, processing into appropriate format and responding to request for environmental information.

Total hourly charge payable 2 x £35 plus 1 x £17.50 (10 minutes rounded up) = £87.50 (excluding VAT)

  • Any disbursement costs (cost of printing, copying and postage).

In most cases payment will be required in advance. St Borough Helens Council will notify applicants within 20 working days of information request of the fee payable. Applicants will then have 60 working days from receipt of notification to make the required payment.

If payment is not made within this period, St Helens Borough Council will not be obliged to proceed with the request.

Environmental information covers a wide range of information, for example about land development, pollution levels, energy production, and waste management. Financial information would also be classed as environmental information if it related to the costs of redeveloping land.


  • Public registers and lists of environmental information (for example planning register and contaminated land register).
  • Examination of information in 'situ' (although a charge for time spent locating information and collating could still apply if more than 15 minutes).

Further guidance on environmental information and the definition can be found on the Information Commissioner's website.