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Care for your pet when in hospital

If you go into hospital, you will need someone to look after your pet. Dogs should not be left at home with someone 'popping in'.

The most common option is to ask a family member, good neighbour or friend to help. If not, for dogs and cats, you may need to contact a local kennel or cattery; you will need to provide proof of vaccinations. You should be able to find details of these in your local telephone directory.

You could ask your local vet or the local dog welfare and enforcement officer to suggest some options.

You could also contact the following organisations that may be able to assist:

  • Social services may be able to help, if you are elderly or vulnerable, to board a dog in an emergency. The cost of the boarding will be passed onto the dog's owner.
  • The Cinnamon Trust is a charitable organisation based in Cornwall that has 4,500 registered volunteers across the UK, though currently none in the North West. They may be able to help you find pet care if you have to go into hospital.

For more information, you can contact our dog welfare and enforcement service on 01744 676789 or email