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Blocked drains

Water companies in England and Wales have responsibility for many sewers and drain pipes that were formally under private ownership.

This means that as an owner-occupier you will now be responsible for:

  • Private drains solely serving your home or business within the boundary of the property
  • Existing surface water sewers that drain directly to watercourses (for this to apply, it would mean the surface water from a property does not drain into the public sewer)
  • Privately owned sewage treatment works and pipes connected to them
  • Privately owned septic tanks and cesspits

If you are a tenant, then you should contact your landlord in the first instance.

Drains and sewers often block due to misuse of toilets and sinks for disposal of inappropriate waste, such as cleansing/baby wipes, sanitary ware and also fats,oils and greases by food businesses. Advice and guidance on proper use of the sewer system can be found on the United Utilities website, Think What to Flush.

You can get more information about drains, how they work and who is responsible.

United Utilities are the waste water and sewage provider for the whole of St Helens. They are responsible for drains and sewer pipes that are shared by more than one property or run beyond your property boundary. You can contact United Utilities.

Contact us on 01744 676789 or