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Accumulation of rubbish

Waste on private land and gardens

We regularly receive complaints about domestic rubbish being piled up in gardens and yards. Where the refuse is likely to cause a nuisance through odour, or is prejudicial to health or is attracting vermin, then we may take action to remove the rubbish.   

In order for action to be taken, there must be sufficient rubbish present and it will usually need to be material that is going to rot down and likely to cause a health risk. Certain wastes such as asbestos-containing materials, used hypodermic syringes and chemicals which pose a potential risk to health can also be dealt with.

Accumulations of inert materials such as wood, plastics, sofas, mattresses or metal may look unsightly but are unlikely to pose a public health risk and therefore it would be very doubtful that action could be taken to remove these items.   

If we receive a complaint about an accumulation of rubbish, an officer will carry out a site visit to determine if action can be taken. Officers may work with pest control operatives, other council departments and housing officers in order to properly investigate.

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Last modified on 25 March 2022