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Smoke control

The Clean Air Act 1993 gave local authorities the power to designate the whole or part of their district as a Smoke Control Zone. The vast majority of St Helens is within a Smoke Control Zone, with only a few areas that are not. 

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It is illegal under the Clean Air Act 1993 to burn unauthorised fuels on your fireplace, which includes peat, wood and bituminous house coal.

In a Smoke Control Area, the following fuels are authorised for use: gas, electricity, low volatile steam coals, coke, and patent smokeless fuels such as Coalite, Rexco and Homefire.

If you wish to burn clean wood or logs, an exempt appliance as approved by Defra must be used. These exempt appliances are permitted to be used in smoke control areas and further details of these appliances can be provided by Defra.

A full list of smokeless fuels and exempt appliances is available at