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Light pollution

Light pollution is best described as artificial light that is allowed to illuminate areas not intended to be lit.

We have a duty to take reasonable steps to investigate complaints of artificial light nuisance. The most common complaints include:

  • Domestic security lights
  • Commercial security lights
  • Sports facilities
  • Domestic decorative lighting
  • Exterior lighting of buildings

Lots of properties have security lighting installed and if they are positioned correctly, they are unlikely to cause any problems to neighbouring properties. In order to prevent light pollution causing a problem to your neighbours, consider the following before installing:

  • Is the light necessary?
  • Could security be achieved by other measures such as screening of an area?
  • Do the lights have to be on all night? Sensors or timers may be more suitable.
  • For external lights ensure that the lamp is no stronger than 150W, anything stronger creates too much glare reducing security. 
  • Indoor porches will only require a 9W lamp.
  • Ensure that the light is correctly adjusted so that they only illuminate the require area and does not throw light on to neighbouring properties.

If you feel you are affected by light pollution and you do not feel that you are able to approach the person responsible then we can investigate the matter. 

An officer will contact the alleged source of the light nuisance to request that they look in to the matter and make any adjustments necessary. They may also wish to witness the light problem at your property to decide if the light would be considered a nuisance.

You can contact us online or email