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What you'll need to become a sponsor

What checks will be carried out

Document checks

The government will carry out checks on documentation before a visa is issued.

Household and property checks

We will visit your property to make sure that the accommodation is fit for purpose and suitable to receive guests.

These visits should take place as quickly as possible. We will contact you to arrange this visit.

Criminal records checks

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) carry out checks on individuals. There are different types of check dependent on the needs of your guests.

Basic DBS check for adults

Basic DBS checks are undertaken on all adult sponsors in the household where the accommodation is self-contained or only adults with no specific vulnerabilities are arriving in the household.

Enhanced DBS checks for children

An Enhanced DBS check (including a check of the children's barred list) will be undertaken on all people in the sponsor's household over 16, if children under the age of 18 are going to be arriving in the household. This does not apply if the child guest is related to the sponsor, in this case only a Basic DBS check is needed.

Enhanced with Barred Lists DBS check for adults with vulnerabilities

A request for an Enhanced DBS check with check of the Adults' Barred List can be made where we know there is an adult guest arriving in the household, who is vulnerable (due to illness, disability or age) and has particular needs which the sponsor will need to provide support.