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Local elections 2022: five reasons to vote

Voting in elections is an important way to make your voice heard on the issues that concern you.

Ballot paper with a pen marking a cross. Text reads 'Local elections 2022'

Article date: 22 April 2022

It is central to the way in which our democracy works. Here are five reasons why you should vote in the local elections in St Helens Borough on 5 May.

  1. It affects where you live. Here in St Helens, your council decides on planning applications, manages some of the borough's leisure facilities, schools and libraries, provides social care, collects waste and recycling and delivers many other services - around 800 a day. The way you vote can influence the details of how these services are provided.
  2. Your vote counts. It's important for everyone to vote so that all sections of the community are represented in the results. And you can make a difference - we promise. If you don't vote, someone else will make the decision for you. Your power is in your vote.
  3. Because you can. Voting shows you're standing up for democracy in the UK, supporting people who work hard for it and have fought for it in the past, such as movements for the right to vote for women and working-class men. Whether you consider voting to be a privilege or a right, it's something not everybody around the world enjoys.
  4. It only takes a few minutes. If you've not already opted to vote by post, voting on election day is a very easy process and can take just a few minutes. Polling stations will be open all day between 7am and 10pm. Find your polling station.
  5. It's your last chance for four years. This year we're moving to 'whole-council' elections in St Helens Borough, meaning you'll be voting for all the councillors in your area for the next four years.

Visit for everything you need to know about this year's local elections.