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Clinkham Wood

On 28 November 1999, Clinkham Wood Community Woodland was declared a Local Nature Reserve by English Nature. 

The woodland which was purchased in 1937 and 1953, is a large urban clough woodland of 7.26 hectares with a spring-fed stream and marsh areas. There are four adjoining large amenity grassland areas with the woodland containing its own meadow and glade areas within it. The woodland is generally surrounded although not directly on all sides by residential housing.

Tree cover within the woodland is mainly old plantations of oak, sycamore and ash, with birch trees in the more acidic areas. The woodland floor boasts an array of wildflower, including bluebell, wavy hair grass, and woodsage.

  • Woodland walks
  • Benches
  • Sports pitches

Clinkham wood

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Last modified on 13 May 2022