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Missed bin or recycling collection

Before you report your collection as being missed ....

Check your collection date - especially if we have had a bank holiday 

When is my collection due?

Sometimes, your collection may have been missed due to delays beyond our control, such as roadworks, parked cars blocking our access or even issues with our wagons!

Please make sure that ...

  • you leave your bin out before 6.30am on the day of collection
  • you leave your bin in the right place for collection
  • your bin isn't too heavy
  • that the lid on your bin is fully closed
  • there were no bin bags or extra rubbish next to your bin 
  • make sure the correct items are placed in the different bins/ recycling containers.

Our brown and green bin collection crews work until 5.30pm and our recycling crews until 7.00pm.  Times of collection can change.

If the bins or recycling containers in your street haven't been collected by then, your collection will most likely fall onto the next day - for example this may have been caused by a badly parked car or vehicle breakdown.

If your brown or green bin has been missed and it is deemed to be our fault we will return within three working days. For recycling collections we will empty a week later on your next scheduled collection. If you have any extra recycling you can take it to one of our Household Waste Recycling Centres.

If you think your street has been missed, then please report it to us 

Please note missed collections cannot be reported on the scheduled day of collection - for example: - if your collection is due on Monday and has been missed, you may only report the incident on Tuesday

Report a missed bin or recycling collection