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Full results from council elections

St Helens Borough Council has completed its count in the 2022 all-out elections.

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Article date: 6 May 2022

All 48 seats across the borough were contested and the final results mean the council make-up is as follows:

Labour: 29 seats

Green Party - Save our Green Belt: 6 seats

Independents: 4

Liberal Democrats: 4

The independents: 3

Conservatives: 2

It means that the Labour Party retain control of the council.

Here is a list of all the results:


Billinge and Seneley Green

Elected: Peter Peers (IND) wins, 1424 votes;

Elected: Sue Murphy (LAB) wins, 1388 votes;

Elected: Colin Richard Betts (IND) wins, 1352 votes;

Dennis McDonnell (LAB) 1220 votes; Malcolm James Webster (IND) 988 votes; Gareth William Cross (LAB) 980 votes; Denise Anne Gibney (CON) 646 votes


Elected: Anthony James Burns (LAB) wins, 1309 votes;

Elected: Paul McQuade (LAB) wins, 1262 votes;

Elected: Linda Lovina Maloney (LAB) wins, 1255 votes

Emma Van Der Burg (GREEN) 715 votes; Jessica Northey (GREEN) 707 votes; Melanie Ann Marie Lee (CON) 442 votes

Bold and Lea Green

Elected: David Edward Hawley (GREEN) wins, 1209 votes;

Elected: Allen John Makin (GREEN) wins, 1176 votes;

Elected: Glen Roger Richards (GREEN) wins, 1120 votes

Jim Housley (LAB) 1084 votes; Lisa Preston (LAB) 1032 votes; Charlie Preston (LAB) 983 votes; Barbara Evelyn Woodcock (CON) 329 votes


Elected: Michael Haw (LIB DEM) wins, 2252 votes;

Elected: Theresa Veronica Sims (LIB DEM) wins, 2178 votes;

Elected: Geoff Pearl (LIB DEM) wins, 1938 votes

Glyn Robert Jones (LAB) 732 votes; Mackenzie France (CON) 391 votes


Elected: Paul Robert Hooton (GREEN) wins, 1485 votes;

Elected: Janet Ann Sheldon (GREEN) wins, 1445 votes;

Elected: David Ian Van der Burg (GREEN) wins, 1357 votes

Matthew Peter Butterworth (LAB) 834 votes; Paul Joseph Pritchard (LAB) 762 votes; Amy Louise Sample (LAB) 756 votes; Judith Margaret Collins (CON) 287 votes

Moss Bank

Elected: Tracy Paula Dickinson (LAB) wins, 1547 votes;

Elected: Trisha Long (LAB) wins, 1476 votes;

Elected: Zeena Iysha Begum (LAB) wins, 1375 votes

Margaret Hilda Harvey (CON) 514 votes; David Kent (LIB DEM) 494 votes; Jane Patricia Kent (LIB DEM) 460 votes; Paul John Wilcock (IND) 419 votes

Newton-le-Willows East

Elected: Jeanie Bell (LAB) wins, 1701 votes;

Elected: Keith Anthony Laird (LAB) wins, 1599 votes;

Elected: Seve Gomez-Aspron (LAB) wins, 1560 votes

David James Smith (LIB DEM) 1393 votes; Lisa Cunliffe (CON) 778 votes

Newton-le-Willows West

Elected: Terry Maguire (IND) wins, 1670 votes;

Elected: Karl Lionel Collier (IND) wins, 1302 votes;

Elected: David Banks (LAB) wins, 1190 votes

Jeanette Suzanne Banks (LAB) 1182 votes; Craig Colin Alexander Smith (IND) 1153 votes; Andy Davidson (LAB) 1063 votes; Allan Albert Dockerty (CON) 237 votes


Elected: Andy Bowden (LAB) wins, 1172 votes;

Elected: Kate Groucutt (LAB) wins, 1079 votes;

Elected: Bisi Osundeko (LAB) wins, 964 votes

Madeline Patricia Wilcock (CON) 324 votes

Peasley Cross and Fingerpost

Elected: Damien Patrick O'Connor (LAB) wins, 325 votes

Iris Brown (CON) 107 votes; Alison Jill Donnelly (GREEN) 104 votes


Elected: John Case (CON) wins, 1462 votes;

Elected: Linda Mussell (CON) wins, 1450 votes

John Francis Tabern (LAB) 1099 votes


Elected: James Stephen Tasker (IND) wins, 2336 votes;

Elected: Donna Greaves (IND) wins, 2133 votes;

Elected: Kate Elizabeth Stevenson (IND) wins, 2062 votes

Ken Rustidge (LAB) 1179 votes; Emma Davies (LAB) 1122 votes; Barrie Grunewald (LAB) 1029 votes; Henry Spriggs (CON) 333 votes

St Helens Town Centre

Elected: Anne Helen McCormack (LAB) wins, 747 votes;

Elected: Michelle Elaine Sweeney (LAB) wins, 700 votes

Nancy Ashcroft (CON) 229 votes; Terence Matthew Oakes (For Britain) 176 votes

Sutton North West

Elected: Niall Peter Andrew Campbell (LAB) wins, 645 votes;

Elected: John William Hodkinson (LAB) wins, 643 votes

Francis Joseph Williams (GREEN) 441 votes; David Leslie Skeech (CON) 320 votes

Sutton South East

Elected: Brian Thomas Spencer (LIB DEM) wins, 816 votes;

Elected: Janet Elizabeth Johnson (LAB) wins, 589 votes

Anthony Albert Johnson (LAB) 560 votes; Deepak Shatrugan Gupta (CON) 250 votes

Thatto Heath

Elected: Nova Louise Charlton (LAB) wins, 1372 votes;

Elected: Robyn Olivia Hattersley (LAB) wins, 1330 votes;

Elected: Richard McCauley (LAB) wins, 1317 votes

Terence Stephen Price (GREEN) 610 votes; Samantha Ann Pearson Peet (CON) 509 votes

West Park

Elected: Marlene Mary Quinn (LAB) wins, 1543 votes;

Elected: Martin James Bond (LAB) wins, 1516 votes;

Elected: Derek Paul Long (LAB) wins, 1348 votes

Richard Barton (CON) 525 votes


Elected: David Edward Baines (LAB) wins, 1503 votes;

Elected: Lynn Susan Clarke (LAB) wins, 1391 votes;

Elected: Manciya Uddin (LAB) wins, 1204 votes

Andrew William Donnelly (GREEN) 999 votes; John Phillip Cunliffe (CON) 756 votes

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Last modified on 13 May 2022