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Active travel proposed route: Jubits Lane

Young man in casual clothes cycling on a bike path in an urban area as the sun sets

The Jubits Lane Active Travel Route will run between King George V Playing Fields, through to the A57 Warrington Road junction. It will connect the protected cycle lanes introduced in 2020 on Jubits Lane with Warrington Road and in the future will extend through to Widnes.

The proposals include a reduced speed limit on Jubits Lane, improved street lighting and new pedestrian crossings (which can be used by cyclists as well as pedestrians).

For the vast majority of the route, new cycle tracks will run adjacent to the general traffic, but will be protected by a kerb. Footways will also be improved.

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You can view the plans for the proposals (PDF) [4MB] (opens new window)  and find answers to frequently asked questions (PDF) [250KB] (opens new window) .