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Top tips for keeping your food caddy clean

You can pick up caddy liners from Wesley House Reception between 10am-2pm Monday to Friday.


food caddy info

  • Keep the lid of both your kitchen caddy and kerbside caddy shut at all times, this will stop fruit flies and other winged insects from getting in and odours from getting out
  • Leave tea bags, coffee grinds and anything else that is hot to cool off before putting them in your indoor caddy. If it gets hot and steamy, it will create extra moisture and will encourage fruit flies, germs thrive in heat
  • Rinse out regularly with boiling water and salt. Lemon juice is a natural odour remover and will help to kill any germs that may be lurking
  • Empty your kitchen caddy liner regularly or as soon as it is full (don't overfill), tie it in a knot, before putting into your kerbside caddy, this will help with mould that could form when food starts to break down
  • Save your kitchen from bad smells. Put stinky scraps like meat, fish or bones into a liner, and put it in your kerbside caddy straight away, this can help prevent flies and maggots finding their way inside your home. Don't forget to check your kerbside caddy for maggots from time to time, our crews will not take your kerbside caddy if maggots are present. If these nasties make an appearance, you can get rid of them by using boiling water and vinegar, and also bleach
  • Keep out of direct sunlight when hot, as heat can speed up smells, and hot weather makes the food decompose much faster
  • Put your kerbside caddy out every week for collection, even if it's only half full