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Litter and dog waste

Nobody likes to see litter dropped, or dog fouling on the pavement, or in a park. Pick it up and put it in one of our bins, or take it home. Help keep our streets, green spaces and parks free from litter and dog waste by doing the right thing. We empty the litter and dog waste bins on our highways and in parks throughout the year to help keep the environment clean.


Dual litter and dog waste bin
There are over 450 litter bins in the borough and these can all be used for both litter and dog waste. Please be a responsible owner and clean up after your pets so everyone can enjoy public spaces, and clean pavements.

Our grounds maintenance teams have regular cleansing routes around the borough, as well as callouts in response to community reports, but with 1400 hectares of open space, 473 miles of roads and 682 miles of footpaths to cover, residents must dispose of litter and waste to help keep the borough tidy. Remember, you could be fined if you are caught leaving dog waste on public land. 

keep Britain tidy
To report a bin that is overflowing or that is damaged you can use our online form to tell us; we will need the location of the bin and what damaged has occurred including fire, vandalism, liquids or anything else that has happened. You can also report dog fouling by using the same form.


While we go to great lengths to keep our streets and green spaces clear of litter, and dog waste, we simply can't do it without you. Parks give our communities, our families, and our pets a vital space to play, grow, and bond.

Show our borough some love by always disposing of litter and dog waste appropriately.