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Borough review for existing parishes

Approved Draft Recommendations

At its meeting on 12 July 2023, Council approved the draft recommendations submitted by the CGR Cross Party Working Group for the seven existing parish councils.  The full council report, draft recommendations and maps can be viewed here:

The draft recommendation adopted by the Council then formed the basis for a second stage consultation period between 17 July 2023 to 9 October 2023 inclusive. This process is in accordance with the agreed Terms of Reference and LGBCE guidance.

The comments we have received during the second consultation will be reviewed by the Cross Party Working Group.  Final Recommendations will then be presented to Council on 17 January 2024 the CGR reports and final recommendations can be viewed here:

What Happens Next?

DateWhat happens?

17 January 2024  

Final recommendations to Full Council

7 May 2026 

The first elections under any new electoral arrangements. 

Any changes to or abolition of existing parishes will come into force for the purpose of proceedings relating to the election of councillors in May 2026. 


If you have any queries about the CGR, please contact Electoral Services via email: or by telephone: 01744 676139 

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For further information on how the review will be conducted, please read the Terms of Reference.