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Borough review for existing parishes

What will the review consider?

The review will consider whether the community governance arrangements across the borough are fit for purpose. It will also take account of areas of new or proposed housing and determine whether changes to existing boundaries are required because of these developments. 

The review will also consider:

  • Changes to parish areas - this includes changes to parish boundaries, the merging of two or more parishes, creating a new parish out of part of one or more existing parishes.
  • Changes to electoral arrangements - this includes changing the number of parish councillors and introducing or changing parish warding arrangements.

Update - 9 January 2023 

The first-stage consultation for the review was undertaken between 3 October 2022 and 30 December 2022. 

What happens next? 

DateWhat happens?

Between January 2023 and March 2023 

The CGR Cross Party working group will review and consider all representations received during the first consultation and will formulate draft recommendations for Full Council. 

12 July 2023 

Full Council meeting - all details relating to the first consultation, a summary of all representations received and the draft recommendations report will be made available. 


Between July 2023 and October 2023 

A second consultation will take place to ask residents for their views on the approved draft recommendations. 


17 January 2024  

Final recommendations to Full Council. 


7 May 2026 

The first elections under any new electoral arrangements. 

Any changes to or abolition of existing parishes will come into force for the purpose of proceedings relating to the election of councillors in May 2026. 


If you have any queries about the CGR, please contact Electoral Services via email: or by telephone: 01744 676139 

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For further information on how the review will be conducted, please read the Terms of Reference.